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, Mazamet, France



Mazamet is a commune in the Tarn department in southern France.It is the second-largest component of the Castres-Mazamet metropolitan area.GeographyMazamet is situated on the northern slope of the Montagne Noire and on the Arnette, a small tributary of the Thoré, which forms the commune's northern border.EconomyMazamet is an industrial town. Numerous establishments are employed in wool-spinning and in the manufacture of swan-skins and flannels, and clothing for troops, and hosiery, and there are important tanneries and leather-dressing, glove and dye works. Extensive commerce is carried on in wool and raw hides from Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, and South Africa (Cape Colony).Personalities Maurice Euzennat (1926–2004), historian and archaeologist, died in Mazamet Pierre Sancan, pianist and composer, was born in Mazamet in 1916. Pierre Capretz, developer of the French in Action series for teaching French, was born in Mazamet in 1925. Laurent Jalabert and his younger brother Nicolas Jalabert, both professionals in Road bicycle racing, were born here. Jean-Michel Vernhes, public servant, was born in Mazamet in 1950.