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Gastronomicom cooking school in France

8, rue des Moulins à huile, Agde, France
Cooking School



International Culinary Academy in France - 1 Michelin star professional cooking classes.  Learn the arts of French cooking and pastry cooking.
Gastronomicom est une école internationale de cuisine et de pâtisserie dans le Sud France. Since its creation in 2004, The Gastronomicom Institute is proud to offer Gastronomy, French Pastries, Wine and Fine Dining classes in a charming city in Southern France. Our highly skilled teachers boast many years of experience at prestigious, high-end Gastronomic Hotel-Restaurants: together, we have channeled our knowledge and skills to develop specialized programs combined with the finest teaching methods.

Ranging from 1 month to 2 years, our programs also include French classes and internships in top-end Hotel-Restaurants in France.  Visit to find more information about our different types of classes!

Depuis sa création en 2004, l'école de cuisine Gastronomicom est fier de proposer
des formations en cuisine, pâtisserie, œnologie dans une charmante ville du Sud de la France. Nos professeurs hautement qualifiés bénéficient de nombreuses années d'expérience dans des restaurants et établissements hôteliers prestigieux et haut de gamme : ensemble, nous avons partagé nos connaissances et nos compétences pour développer des programmes spécifiques combinés aux meilleures méthodes d'enseignement.

D'1 mois à 2 ans, nos programmes incluent également des cours de français et des stages dans des hôtels-restaurants haut de gamme en France. Visitez pour plus d'informations sur nos différents programmes !



Welcome to our new students! 12 nationalities represented: China, France, India, Ireland, Kenya, Lebanon, Nigeria, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA. It will be a rewarding experience for them. Enjoy it!

Very good advice from our second culinary academy in Miami! 😀

Last Friday it was the traditional Gastronomicom graduation ceremony. Everyone was well dressed and elegant looking. Congratulations to our students! We are very proud of you. Good luck to all of you! #gastronomicom #frenchculinary #frenchcooking #student

Great cooking and pastry buffet prepared by our students for their last day at Gastronomicom culinary school. A special day for our students indeed. #gastronomicom #frenchculinary #frenchcooking #student

Lemon hazelnuts entremets. Well done dear students! #gastronomicom #frenchcooking #dessert #frenchcuisine #foodart #student #frenchpastry

Tuna and vegetables compression with kadaïf (angel hair rolls), spicy yellow tomato marmalade. #gastronomicom #frenchculinary #frenchcooking #student #frenchcuisine

Raspberry passion tart: a same recipe and same ingredients (sweet pastry, raspberry almond cream and passion fruit crémeux, raspberry coulis, passion fruit emulsion and passion fruit sorbet) but two different plates! Great job of our pastry chef Pol Bertholet. #gastronomicom #frenchcooking #dessert #frenchcuisine #foodart #student #frenchpastry

Cakes and entremets week: Our students make “Religieuse pistache griotte”. Good job! #gastronomicom #frenchcooking #dessert #frenchcuisine #foodart #student #frenchpastry

Translucent ravioli of langoustin and crab with coriander and watercress #gastronomicom #frenchculinary #frenchcooking #student #frenchcuisine

Snails cromesquis with garlic and parsley, crispy potato #gastronomicom #frenchculinary #frenchcooking #student #frenchcuisine


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