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It´s all about surface fishing for Salmon and Steelhead We specialize in flies tied on tube and how to fish with them on - in and just below the surface.
Tube flies have been part of the European fly box since the 40´s and since then anglers have been developing fly patterns on tubes that would suite different rivers and seasons.
The fly tied on a tube could look and work like any other fly tied on a single salmon hook - But it can also be something much different than a traditional fly - with abilities that goes beyond anything else you can tie on your leader...
- Our dry flies tied on tube is a good example of such flies.



Arizona Seal Shrimp

A easy and effective shrimp pattern for Sea trouts. Inspiration from Jimmi Haurholm Material: Partridge Saltwater Shrimp hook #8 Arizona Seal, Mörrum Orange and Crane Fly tan Easy eyes Fox tail or similar And thats its... very easy...

Arizona Seal Shrimp

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Hello; top water friend - We have made a new collection of riffling hitch flies tied on hook - A relatively flat design and plenty of room in front of the wing ensures that you will be able to convert the fly into a riffling hitch version - All super salmon fly patterns that also double as wet fly if wished

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Hello fly anglers we have the utmost pleasure of showing you our latest Newsletter - with some big salmon caught on dry fly in the summer of 2015 We hope it will help you all endure the annoying winter

Tube-Bomber - Medium, Smurf Blue # 6 - - shop

We are proud to info that we now have the original Smurf Bomber pattern in our shop. We sell the flies in a sizes; small, medium and big. Smurf Tube Bomber. A Tube Bomber with super Dark blue colors for Northern Scandinavia and Canada - A fly to carry through the whole season. This fly was designed in Canada for rivers like the Grand Cascapedia in Gaspe - But Blue is also a great color in Northern Scandinavia.

Bomberfiske i Nord-Norge It smelles like Repparfjord... Now there are only 6 month until this kind of fishing reach its peak... Dont forget to pack your green and white Tube Bombers