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Niels Hansens Vej 29, Svendborg, Denmark



Wilkens is a start-up company launching a series of classic yet contemporary designs starting with a cabin trolley - especially made for You.
We develop classic products inspired by classic designs using exclusive materials and traditional craftsmanship – all with a twist making the end result contemporary and relevant today.

Classic also means bespoke – made especially for you – taking your preferences into account and relying on your involvement. Just like a tailor relies on his client’s involvement and subsequently to proudly wear his creations and discreetly recommend his services so will we rely on your involvement.

We will manufacture your bespoke vintage trolley and we will take pride in the result but we will not print our name on it – the trolley will be yours and it will carry your name and distinct features of your choice. We call this trolley W1 because it must have a name and we will place this name and our stamp with ID number discreetly inside the trolley just like a tailor’s name inside a dinner jacket.

The vintage trolley displayed on this site is the first prototype and we expect to be ready for production of personalised trolleys – made for you especially – in the autumn.



NEAR Wilkens