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, Rønne, Denmark
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Reptile breeding facility.


He is at it again 😎... enchi sugar x vpi axanthic spider. A sugar stingerbee axanthic would be pretty awesome looking - i think. Would imagen it turnes out white with a reduced spider pattern?

I'm starting to like this guy😊. He is a enchi sugar. Those two gens work well together.

THIS is why you can't have to many pieds in your collection 😁... lavender albino pieds and panda pied 👌

A few from last night. Black pastel pied x black pastel het pied Sugar enchi x pin vpi axanthic

Clown x blackpastel enchi lavender (i think)

Lavendel albino vpi axanthic x spider DH lavender/VPI👌

Future project - triple het lavender albino/axanthic/genetic strip 👌😁🎉

Phantom pin pied x phantom pastel het pied 👍

2.0 Dream sicle (lavender albino pied) 2700 euro each. Hamm delivery posible.

A couple of "after dark" shots. OD mojave pastel x bumblebee Orange ghost pied x bumblebee het ghost

The visuel dobbel recessive males makes a hugh diffrence in the outcome this year. NO more poss het👍 Lavender albino vpi axanthic x DH lav/axan

0.1 Super phantom enchi pastel - this one is wicked! By fare the best one in the collection. Second pic is her brother together with a enchi phantom


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