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You are Mind Body Spirit

Kildegårdsvej 8 C , Hellerup, Denmark



Feel at home in your own body, exactly as it is.  Connect with your intuition - the voice and eyes of your spirit and align with your heart's wisdom.

Welcome to You are Mind Body & Spirit.
The name says it all - well - almost :-).
There are so many reasons to embrace all aspects of yourself, your mind body and spirit. It is so easy to become "mind" focussed, and forget the body, or "body-focussed" and forget your mind or your deeper emotions.  
This is a space devoted to raising awareness of all our aspects.  

Through courses, blogs, and workshops and one to one sessions - You are Mind Body Spirit is specially focussed on helping people to live authentically - to express freely - and to manifest good health.

When you are present in your body, and able to hear and feel its authentic communication and wisdom - you can manifest health, peace, happiness and much more. Decisions guided by a genuine heart and body connection become possible.

It is with much love, passion and enthusiasm that I create this space, I look forward to connecting and communicating with you here !



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