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ITCC - IT Case Competition

Howitzvej 60, Frederiksberg, Denmark



72 intense hours to solve the IT problems of tomorrow – are you up for the challenge? Deadline for sign-up February 16th IT Case Competition [ITCC] is an IT oriented case competition and the first of its kind in Denmark. The competition is organized by the student association “DØK-foreningen” and with PA Consulting Group as the main partner. ITCC will take place at CBS in late May 2014, more details will come.

The ITCC tries to capture and generate value through the vast potential and prospects of IT in business. With IT’s ever growing ubiquity in business, companies are becoming more and more dependent on the resourcefulness and utility of IT. That is why the ITCC wants to create a linkage between IT in business as well as the creativity and idea generation of the unbiased mind of the students.  

Thereby, ITCC enables participating entities to engage in fierce competition, whilst exercising their creativity and overall potential with innovative approaches towards an ever more complex business challenge with numerous prospects, set by PA-consulting. Moreover, ITCC sets the stage and promotes broad collaboration between participating parties, both competitors and contributors alike, where those parties can engage and create new connections, in a fun and professional environment.    

Besides competing, the competitors will get the opportunity to establish new tools for problem solving and presentation. ITCC also enables competitors to network with facilitating business professionals, and with a wide array of represented businesses, this is a very unique opportunity.  

Contributors will generate substantial value through various channels, like merchandize and marketing, when enlisted.        



NEAR ITCC - IT Case Competition