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Set Snail

Vestergade 58T, Aarhus, Denmark



It's all fun and games! We are a small group of dedicated people, trying to utilize our skills in development and design, to come up with some of the most beautiful, inspiring and fun games to play.



Next week we will be releasing Snake Towers. WE CAN'T WAIT! :D

We are very excited to finally share gameplay footage from our new platformer — Himster®. Have a look!

Wuhuu, this week illi is featured as #FreeAppoftheWeek on Apple's App Store. Go get it while it’s free. :)

Hi everyone. A lot of people have requested skins in Snake Towers and we are currently adding some, before launch August 9th! Which one do you like the most? Any great ideas for new skins are welcome…

Hi everyone. We are happy to announce that Himster® will enter beta testing August 7th. A sign-up link and a gameplay video will follow soon... In the meantime... please enjoy this ad!

Every day is don’t skip legs day! New Daddy Long Legs update available today.

We are live! :D Bike Club — The ridiculous bike riding competition. Get it here:

Less then 24 hours till Release. We can’t wait for you to try out our new game Bike Club!!

100 meters in these April costumes. What is your best score?

Bike Club: At Big Wheelie’s enters a closed beta. Be amongst the first to try it!


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