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Babalu Bar, otok Kakan

Potkucina bay, Kakan island, Sibenik, Croatia
Bar & Grill



Drink, eat, ENJOY


Hi Happy people 🤗 I can't believe that january is almost behind us....3 more months and It will start again...hope to see you all, and hope to meet new people too... Let's hope for greate weather too⛵🚤☀️🌡️⛱️

My dear Babaluers, we wish you from the bottom of our heart💓 the best 2018 you Can possible imagine! And looking farward to see you again in this next season! Kisses

Happy people stop sharing! Everything is OK! Problem solved! Tnx

We've successfully found the owner of the lost I.D.!!!! Thank you all guys very much for sharing the post!!! Have a nice weekend 🤗

Listen falks, please try to understand! When we say that we are full, that there are no free tables, that it's impossible for us to pick you up... IT IS TRUE!!! It's not a question of lazyness, or bad intentions... It is what it is....A lot of people all together and very often at the same time!!! Thank you all VERY MUCH for chosing us, but sometimes we can't satisfy everyone. Besos muchachos😘😘

Hi boys and girls! When the weather is that rough like today, when the rain fall so hard like the whip of Attila king of the Huns we suffer some damage and we have to stay close to repair at those. So, don't be surprise if we are not there. Thank you for understanding! Peace ✌

Good morning sailors!!! Just to let you know that the 20th of July the restaurant will be closed all day! Why? It's my Birthday and want to spent the day with my loved ones. Thank you for understanding and see you the very next day😉

Summer 2017

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Photos from Babalu Bar, otok Kakan's post


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