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Ravan I. br. 1, Mirca, Croatia
Consulting/business services



I assist busy online entrepreneurs & small business owners with their administration workload & marketing, freeing their time to be CEO's.    

Franciska enjoys assisting business owners with their administrative, marketing tasks and the creation and maintenance of business operations.

Why? She believes that busy online business owners are overwhelmed today and can not wear all the hats in the business.
She knows that great business representation streamlined daily business operations, and excellent customer service are key to a successful, caring business.



Eagles - Heartache Tonight - Live

R.I.P. Glenn Frey... Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey has died at the age of 67. Frey co-wrote Hotel California. He wrote a number of the band's biggest songs on his own, including Heartache Tonight and Lyin' Eyes.

When you feel the need to speed up, slow down | Kimi Werner | TEDxMaui

Sometimes slowing down is just what we need regardless of what we think we need.

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Multitasking? Think twice!

Motivational Quote 300 - Start Focusing On Objectives, End Self-Satisfaction - Smart Office Help Social Media Agency

Absolutely agree; a focused beginning a satisfied, accomplished ending :-) Bravo!

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Timeline Photos


MINDSHIFT - MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO to start off the year right :-)

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New Year's Eve - Lea Michele "Auld Lang Syne" HD

Auld Land Syne - Lea Michele


U OKOLINI Ms.Franciska