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The Church of God Sabbath-Keeping

312 Rexdale Blvd., Toronto, Canada
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Walk in your destiny and then help somebody else, reach out, love others. You were built for it - Pastor Green #destiny

No matter what you're going through, you're BUILT FOR IT! God is with you, tell the enemy you're built for this! - Pastor Green #destiny

There is purpose in your pain. You thought it was going to kill you, but God meant it to build you! - Pastor Green #destiny

Pray your purpose through. The bigger you get, the bigger the problems get, but God is bringing you to your #destiny - Pastor Green

Don't worry about other people gifts, you find your calling and walk in your destiny, focus on prayer - Pastor Green #destiny

Once you are walking in your destiny, then you must go out and help others (Luke 22) - Pastor Green #destiny

Jesus has prayed for you, that your faith will not fail (read Peter's story in Luke 22) - Pastor Green #destiny

The devil wants to sift you like wheat, but Jesus said He has prayed for you (Luke 22) - Pastor Green #destiny

Sometimes, the reason we cannot come into our destiny is because we are struggling with "self" - Pastor Green #destiny

In prayer, you must humble yourself. The word says God resists the proud. You cannot fulfill your destiny with pride - Pastor Green #destiny

Key Text for today's sermon, Luke 22:28-34 "Pray Into Your Destiny" by Pastor Howard Green #destiny

Once you understand the word of God, you will learn to pray into your destiny - Pastor Green #destiny


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