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Skypole Inc.

18 Alcan Avenue, Toronto, Canada
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Skypole provides professional window cleaning services to businesses in Toronto. Choosing a company to clean the windows of your business or home is not simply a matter of price. Here are the benefits that Skypole can offer to a company seeking professional window cleaning services:

Environmentally Friendly
We don't use harmful chemicals or detergents, and won't harm your landscaping!

Zero Property Damage
We don't use ladders, so there will be no damage to your window sills, stucco, brick or other exterior surfaces.

Safety is a huge concern for most businesses. While we are fully insured, the very manner of our window cleaning ensures safety, as we always work from the ground.

We won't be looking in the windows - again, we're on the ground!

A More Complete Clean
Traditional window cleaners clean just one portion of the window - the glass. We clean the entire window and surrounding area (including frames, signs, awning, and even walls if necessary), so your windows stay cleaner, longer.

Greater Efficiency
Since we're not wasting time with ladders or ropes, we can deliver a better clean in less time.


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