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Waterman prides itself in offering professional, friendly, cost-effective plumbers and drain experts in Toronto and the GTA, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Waterman Plumbing Toronto and Drain Cleaning Toronto is viewed from its’ competitors as the expert in plumbing and drain projects in Toronto and the GTA.  When a job is seen as being too big to handle by other plumbing companies, we are the experts they call when in a bind. Why not start with the professionals who have been proudly supporting your community since 2009?

We specialize in all kinds of water-based projects - like small jobs to install a new toilet or sink in your bathroom, unclog your pipes or get you that brand new garburator. We also enjoy bigger projects - like waterproofing or underpinning your basement, installing and repairing sump pumps and weeping tile systems or dealing with a messy sewer back-up. We use state of the art equipment, like our CCTV camera system we use after relieving your pipes of a clog, to show you that everything flows smoothly.

Our customers are very important to us and as such we value their word of mouth advertising. We offer a customer appreciation program to thank our wonderful clients for their continued patronage. In exchange for positive online reviews, we offer $25 gift certificates for FREE, up to a maximum of $100. Don’t forget to sign up for our annual Grand Prize draw for a $500 gift card today!


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