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A place where your goals and passions are supported day in and day out. We design you a nutrition, lifestyle and fitness program that meets your needs!  We provide our members with individually designed programs in a gym environment that allows you to reach your goals and KEEP reaching your goals for the long term.

Every program is based on a thorough movement, strength and work capacity assessment.

Customized programming allows you to progress faster, safer and starts building a foundation for success from day one. Weather you are a busy mom, business professional or an athlete our professional coaches will meet you where you are at and build a plan to help you achieve your goals.

We believe that fitness is a lifelong journey, OPEX Fitness Regina is committed to your long term success.

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Personalized programming is more than just a workout routine tailored to you, it's providing YOU with nutrition and lifestyle coaching that fits your life, stress level and mindset.

OPEX Fitness Regina's onsite client Peter explains what customized fitness means.

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Learn New Exercises – your off-season should have you doing a wide variety exercises. This is the time to learn new exercises at low intensity, high volume (reps) and at slow tempo. Cast a wide net – learn and practice as many new movements as possible. This is where a coach in invaluable • Refine Technique – some of the movements that you will be doing during the general off-season will be complex so now is the time to focus on technique at low intensity. Again, a coach here is super valuable • Mobility – Continuing in the vein of recovery, an athlete should focus on rehab and prehab. Time spent on mobility is never wasted. Increase joint pliability and range of motion as much as possible • • • • #wedoopex #personalizedfitness #offseasontraining #gains #opexfitnessregina

Why we love our personalized fitness programming - Shannon Strogal and Hayley Flegel

Stop playing my sport?? • This is probably the hardest advice to follow, especially for sports that can be played year-round (basketball, running, etc). However, if you want to win more games, collect more trophies, or get that starting spot on a team, you need to take time away from your sport to work on the basics. A few pick-up games/runs/events here and there are fine, but keep it recreational, low volume, and low intensity. • Instead, focus your time and energy on fixing physical weaknesses and increasing your strength, speed, and power. Learn about your deficiencies and imbalances and work to fix them. • You’re vertical won’t improve by playing more basketball. Your vertical will improve by doing strength training and making your muscles more powerful. • Quite often, the best way to get better at your sport is to avoid your sport. • If you are an athlete that is transitioning from the In-Season to the Off-season and are looking for a plan to get that edge in the off-season, contact us and we’ll match you with one of our expert coaches. • Photo Cred: Todd Doepker receiving the Rookie of the Year Award

Providing fully guided training sessions, a safe space to learn how to take care of your bodies needs and customized nutrition coaching for your busy, hectic life.

You just played the last game of the season. Now what? • The Early Off-Season is the 1-4 week period (depending the sport) immediately following the last game of the In-Season. Athletes are usually eager at this point to start making changes to be better prepared for the following season. Athletes should be reminded, however, that the Early Off-Season is the time to recover from the demands of an intense In-Season and set the conditions for a successful Off-Season • After the last game of the season, an athlete should take 1-4 weeks (depending on the volume and intensity of your sport’s season) and focus on rest, regeneration, and recovery • REST - Stop playing your sport. Reduce exercise and intense activity to as little as possible. Athletes should sleep as much as they can, meditate, read, be social, and just chill out as much as possible • REGENERATE - Get massages, soak in hot tubs, saunas, do yoga, meditate, deprivation floats, etc • RECOVER - Take up restorative activities such as hiking, biking, swimming, and only participate in sports that are leisurely or recreational • If you are an athlete that is transitioning from the In-Season to the Off-season and are looking for a plan to get that edge in the off-season, contact us. Link in bio.

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