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Ofeljay store

Sint-Salvatorstraat 61/2, Gent, Belgium
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Gespecialisseerd in aziatische voeding, vooral Filipijnse voeding



So You Think You Can Dance For A Cause is brought to you in part by Ofeljay store. Visit us at the shop and avail of your tickets to this awesome event! <3 <3 <3

Balot available on 16th of December 2017!!

Available now!!!!

Good pm: Lcc rate for now is 60.44 peso! Have a lovely day ahead.

Good am: Moneytrans rate for now is 58.78 peso. New stock goods available now at our store!!!

Be well informed that Ofeljay Store will be closed on 16th of July until 9th of August 2017! Have a good vacation to all..

Good afternoon folks: Lcc rate for now is 54.03 peso! Veggies available now like fresh gabi, ube kamote, fresh coconut, fresh malunggay leaves and etc. BE WELL INFORMED THAT OFELJAY STORE WILL BE OPEN NEXT WEEK MONDAY (Dag van de Arbeid) from 10am until 6pm. Great day ahead.

Lcc rate for today is 53.98 peso! Be well informed that Ofeljay Store will be OPEN next week MONDAY (Dag van de Arbeid). Great day ahead.

brunch: boiled ripe saba bananas, sautéed shrimp paste (both available here at the store!) and cherry tomatoes. yum!

Available soon in our Store!!!!


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Kompass Klub

Gent, Belgium
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