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Jet-Lake in der Speedworld

Freizeitzentrum 1, Pachfurth, Austria
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Einzige Jet-Ski-Anlage Österreichs! - Austrias only place for Jetskiing! Top Trainingsrevier für Profis, Hobbyfahrer, Neueinsteiger, Eventgruppen und Motorsportbegeisterte!

Nur 15min von WIEN entfernt in der Speedworld - Pachfurth/Bruck a.d. Leitha/NÖ.

1.) Verleih-Teich & Schule: Kawasaki Stand Ups zum mieten, Liegewiese, Spielplatz, Trainingseinheiten mit Profis, usw. ...

2.) Club-Teich: fixer Bojenkurs, Zeitnahme, Fahrerlager, WC&Duschen, Trainingscamps, Rennveranstaltungen, usw. ...

3.) Lakeside-Bar/Lounge: Chillout Area, Cocktails, Snacks, WLAN, Abendveranstaltungen, Event & Incentive Angebote, usw. ...

Come in and find out! the Relaunch of Austrians Jet-Lake! Only 15minutes from Vienna for everyone how loves Jetskiing!

1 Lake with 5 Rental Jet-Skis: Kawasaki SX-R800 stand ups, sunbathing area, playground, trainingssessions for newcomers, ....

1 Lake forJet-Ski Riders with their own skis, for training and racing on a buoy course with timemeasurement system, paddock, toilets and washingfacilities.

Chilllout in our Lakside-Bar/Lounge with good drings, snacks and music!

Katharina Lach & Team



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