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Laubichl 124, Mayrhofen, Austria
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Am 23. September ist es wieder so weit. Die Ästhetiker und Aufgeaz laden zum alljährlichen Bowl JÄM... Wie schon in den letzten Jahren wird es auch heuer wieder einen KidsWorkshop geben wo alle Kids und auch Erwachsene Skateboard fahren probieren können. Dannach gibt es einen feinen Skatecontest mit DJ Saund (Peter Sandner) und im Anschluss noch ein Conzert von "BOBCATs"... Schauts vorbei es zahlt sich aus... eeööhhh

The Lake of charity was a big success this year.. 60.000 Euros for Charity... yeah.. Check out the MonEpic edit of the LAKE OF CHARITY Saalbach Hinterglemm 2017..... And watch out for the MS Ästhetiker the swimming IOU Ramps Minicamp... Thank to Andreas Schützenberger for the Ramp and big Thänx to Oliver Gordon and and of course Mr. President Gruba Libre for the awesome Skateworkshop....

Ines & Molles big wedding däy❤️...Rock'n'Roll forever🤘. eeöööhhh

Steve Gruber - Most underated snowboard legend alive! We agree!

yeah the @lake of charity 2017 was a big success... 60.000 Euros for Charity.... eeööhhhh Big up to the Glemmbang Crew I would like to say thank to the sponsors of our skate event: IOU Ramps La-Resistance Muckefuck skateboards & urethane Melon Optics and we have been super stoked to team up with for the Kidsworkshops... The whole weekend was full on for the Kids.. Thank to Oliver Gordon, Gruba Libre, Bernie Koeffler, Anna Ehrmann, Roli Tschoder, Re Go, Julia and all the other supported at our awesome swimming MiniRamp... Thänx to: Karner-Glas, 2tmann Leder Accessoires, Mike Langegger and his Girlfriend BrandMarla and all the other Artists helping together for the awesome trophys of our skate event.. on more last thanx goes out the the motivated skaters..... Mr. (i don´t need shoes) Stefan Schmiedthaler, Johannes Astleitner, Sascha Biehaule, Oliver Gordon, Lisa Veith and so on.... Its been a great time... eeööhhhh

Lake of charity is on! Schauts vorbei, es zahlt sich aus!!! Eeeöhhhh IOU Ramps

Yeah the Iou miniramp is swimming!! See you all for a great weekend at saalbach! Eeeöhhhh

yeah big up to the Glemmbang Crew..... its gone be awesome... see you all next weekend... eeööhhh

Lake of Charity 2017 coming up and we will organize the Skate Event.. Lot´s of great prices to win from Muckefuck skateboards & urethane, La-Resistance, Melon Optics and In case you don´t know what the lake of charity is all about and you have a bit of time check out the Last years movie by MonEpic.....

A massive THÄNKS goes out to Natalie Riley which donated 280€ to the Ästhetiker which she earned from painting three skate decks for her art exhibition! She didn't just donate a part of it, but all of the profit of the three skate decks!! We are really honored that she choose us to use this money to give it back to skateboarding!! We will use it wisely and give it back to the youth to bring skateboarding closer to them! Thänk you Natalie!! AUFGEAZ! #whatcomesaroundgoesaround #skateboardingisalive #skateyouth #art #exhibition #donation