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SANO Transportgeraete

Am Holzpoldlgut 22, Lichtenberg, Austria



SANO puts people first!

Patented technologies for shifting loads on all kinds of stairs. Safe and easy to use, compact and can be taken on journeys at any time. For more than 20 years SANO Transportgeraete GmbH has been an innovative and successful industrial mechanical engineering company based in Lichtenberg near Linz.

The family business owned by Jochum and Elisabeth Bierma was founded in 1989. Manfred Winkler (Ing.) is the managing director. The company currently has 39 employees, including 5 apprentices. SANO Transportgeraete GmbH also offers apprenticeships for mechanical technicians and professional office clerks.

The company is specialised in the development of mobile powered stairclimbers. Stairclimbing technologies that have been patented many times worldwide are developed at the company's headquarters. The mobile stairclimbers are manufactured on site. SANO Transportgeraete GmbH boasts an export share of 92 percent. The products are sold to almost 50 export destinations. Together with two of our own subsidiaries, SANO Deutschland GmbH and SANO UK powered stairclimbers Ltd - and a comprehensive network of dealers, SANO Transportgeraete GmbH provides a worldwide sales and service network for its product range, the LIFTKAR stairclimbers.

The company focuses on product innovation as well as opening up new markets while expanding existing sales territories. The products are manufactured to meet customers' needs. Following the development of mobile all-in-one solutions in the stairclimber sector, SANO Transportgeraete GmbH is the worldwide leader and is constantly opening up new applications.

Using technology together with modern solutions, SANO Transportgeraete GmbH wants to extend the mobility of people with walking difficulties and make it easier to transport loads. With the worldwide recognition gained by the LIFTKAR range for transporting people as well as loads, the company has been on course for success for many years. The SANO trademark is stairclimber technology integrated into high quality machines.


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