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Bevog Brewery

Gewerbepark B9, Bad Radkersburg, Austria



Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 8.00-18.00
Saturday 10.00-18.00

For all of you who want a great beer!
coordinates: +46° 41' 10.02", +16° 0' 40.82" Guided tour of the brewery is available upon advance announcement. Please contact us on: or call on:
0043 3476 41543 /
00386 31 391 702

Opening hours:
monday - friday : 8.00-18.00
saturday : 10.00-18.00

Coordinates: +46° 41' 10.02", +16° 0' 40.82"
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Gewerbepark B 9
8490 Bad Radkersburg

Bevog microbrewery is the fruit of inquisitiveness and aspiration towards discovering new beer-drinking experiences; it is the result of enthusiasm, love and zeal. We brew beers with character and soul. Our goal is to transcend the limits of the known and ordinary.

We have had enough of a monotonous beer offer and the belittling of beer. Beer can be and is much more than that.Bevog brewery is dedicated primarily to beers of top fermentation, more commonly known as ales. The ales we brew basically originate from England. In the last few decades this highly diverse type of beer has been given greater breadth, a wider range of flavours, has been shifting the boundaries of individual styles and becoming more and more popular around the world. It is gaining popularity not only with beer lovers and beer drinkers, but in general with gourmets, top chefs and people who are always willing to explore new flavours and experiences and who care about what they ingest.