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33-35 Smith Rd, Springvale, Australia
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We are all about beer brewing and keg dispensing gear.  Join our page and keep up to date with our new equipment. We are your one stop shop for all your Beer Brewing or Keg Dispensing Gear.  Give us a call or visit one of the many retail outlets that stock our gear.

We have all you need to brew and dispense the best brews you have ever tasted.


Unboxing and initial review of the RoboBrew in the USA by Short Circuit Brewers

The RoboBrew is now available in the United States! Available through MoreBeer and other retailers throughout the US. Enter the world of all-grain and start brewing with this turn key solution.

If just being delicious wasn't enough, having a beer or two each night is doing wonders for your health!

Worlds first 50Litre one way keg manufactured in Australia. Thanks Deborah Jackson for this great article. Hopefully this helps a lot of Australian craft breweries expand their customer base in Australia and overseas.

How do you get 400,000 litres of beer to a heavy metal music festival?

Keg King stocks a wide range of White Labs liquid yeasts and cultures with a fresh shipment arriving every few weeks. This article explains the benefits of their innovative new PurePitch® packaging. Healthy yeast with a high viability leads to better beer! Available online and instore:

The 35L RoboBrew's have a new feature allowing you to set a delay start timer. Perfect for pre-heating your strike water before brewday!

Who knew we've been wasting this precious resource all this time? This brewery has started "beercycling" for the more adventurous drinker.

Who's getting ready for Good Beer Week? If you're not a craft beer snob yourself you're guaranteed to have a mate who is!

HomeBrewTalk has posted a writeup about Keg King's beginnings and where we're heading!

The video series on how to use the Fermentasaurus is online now!

A new video up introducing the new Fermentasaurus conical fermenters. Soon to come a series of "How To" videos.


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