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Bones and Joints School

17 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park, Australia



An innovative website that is linked to the Australian Curriculum and was funded by Telethon to educate children, parents and teachers about bone health.  


Teachers - Bones and Joints School

Teachers - something educational but fun for the end of term: acting out or drawing teeth idioms. Although aimed at Year 5, the activity is easily adaptable. Perhaps students could look up other health related idioms.

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Arthritis WA held a fabulous (as you can see) high tea for a great many of its volunteers. Thank you to all of you who volunteer in any way. You help to bind communities and save society a great deal of money! Don't you love the china we enjoyed?

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What can we bring home from the 'Bionic Olympics'?

Just in case student enthusiasm is flagging ... What a great topic for a brainstorm about the use of science/maths!

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Timeline Photos

Food - Bones and Joints School

Updated today! Food graphic organisers for Years 5, 6, 7 and 8. These have ideas for all learning areas with links to useful resources. This page also has our ever-popular Sugar Anticipation Chart (how much do your students really know about sugar and its effects) and the Mathematics lesson: healthy food guidelines.

Arthritis at 16 - Health & Wellbeing

Food - Bones and Joints School

Uploaded today! Food graphic organisers for Years 5, 6, 7 and 8. These have ideas and links for all learning areas. On that page is our ever-popular Sugar Anticipation Chart - how much do your students really know about sugar and its effects?

Former State of Origin greats want end to alcohol sponsorship

Advetising, health, values are all relevant in this article/transcript.

Excuse me, but why aren't you 'Bikini Body' ready?

Great feature article about body image!

How culture affects sleep

This article would be interesting lesson on cultural differences. I like the idea of a short nap at work to recharge the batteries.

Working as a biomedical engineer

Year 10s have probably already chosen their subjects for next year but what about a web research assignment where they work out a list of jobs that they might like, what it entails and why they think they might like it. Salary could also be included. This could be as easy as setting up a retrieval chart for them which has a column for the URL where they found the information (no cutting and pasting).

Kitchen science

Chemistry to help you be a successful cook. I remember listening to the radio when they were talking about the importance of browning meat to release flavour. Of course, it is a chemical reaction.


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