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Sam Sherrington - Osteopath

Terrace Road, North Richmond, Australia
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Osteopathy for horse, rider and all the family. Serving the Hills District and Hawkesbury region.  I have been a registered Osteopath treating all members of the family since 2004. Having practiced in Australia and Ireland, with patients ranging from newborns to the elderly, equestrians and their horses, and the occasional family pet, I use a wide range of osteopathic techniques to suit the individual and their unique problems. Osteopathy is a manual therapy modality which can help relieve pain and limitations in movement. I have particular interest in helping improve the performance of horse riders, as well as a growing interest in women and children’s health since the birth of my daughters Hannah in 2013 and Amy in 2015.

So, if theres a niggling pain or a limited movement that has been bothering you, if your riding position is a bit lopsided or just hard work, or if you and your baby just need a bit of extra physical TLC after the rigours of bringing them into the world, give me a call on 0452 472 959


I apologise for the onslaught of detail changes... Facebook is not being my friend and I am realising despite coming up with error messages here it's actually changing things, and merrily notifying you all about it. I think. If anyone can tell me if the map still shows a location in Ireland that would be fab.

And the dust has finally settled! It's been a busy few weeks including our littlest daughter's 2nd birthday and getting both my husband and I back to work but we are starting to feel settled. I've just updated my website to reflect new Aussie clinic details, so if you or your favourite four legged partners in crime need some tlc, here's where to get me. I can't wait to get back out with the geegees and try not to keel over in the heat 😂👍🏻

So today's the day I wave farewell to Ireland, and look forward to rebuilding my Aussie practice. After almost 8 years in Ireland (I came for 1!) it's safe to say it's been a month of rather mixed emotions saying goodbye to many amazing people and horses. There are plans in the pipeline to be back for a short stint each summer where I'll have a few days free to knock some of you into shape if needed. So, until then, a huge farewell and thank you all for making my time in Ireland the life changing experience it was. Enjoy the coming winter 🌨👍🏻

So today seems a particularly good day to announce our upcoming relocation. After nearly 8 fantastic years practicing here in Ireland, I'm headed back home to Australia on the 13th September. Service will be as normal as possible til then so anyone needing a tune up give me a shout and I'll do my best to fit you in. I'm hoping to be back for an annual summer work/visit trip, so keep an eye out if you'd like a visit them. Thank you to each and every one of you for entrusting me with your horses, dogs and selves osteopathic care.

Today's biggest and smallest equine patients 😍

Sunny days out with the geegees = happy days ☀️+ 🐴 = 😍

I've long grumbled about the sensitivity and specificity of flexion tests. A very good read on why this is so and how you can make sense of a "positive" result.

It's a lovely day when a signed copy of a book you've preordered (and totally forgotten about) arrives unexpectedly. That's my Friday night sorted! #riderbiomechanics #iusedtohavealife 😂