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Hunter Birth Education Centre is passionate about supporting families for birth and parenting. We place particular emphasis on the emotional journey :) The Hunter Birth Education Centre is dedicated to offering services that actively improve emotional outcomes for mothers, fathers and babies, during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Our hope is that you will be surprised at all the great options you find here and that you will feel very glad you found us.

The truth is that women who follow standard pregnancy care are often only rewarded with standard birth experiences.

The truth is that your medical care provider does not have time to mention all the great pregnancy and birth options available to you.

Hunter Birth Education Centre is dedicated to ensuring that women and their families are aware of, and can access, all the positive pregnancy and birth options available to them – so that our women may experience high quality prenatal preparation and the enhanced birth and parenting experience that comes with that.

After studying the latest evidence based research we confidently present to you birth education approaches and prenatal health options that excel birth into the future and give advantages for your child and family for life.


The Epilogí Doula

Awww , this is beautiful. An Australian concept, May 7th has been designated as Mothers Bereavement day, a special day for mothers who have lost a child.

Belly dance & Pelvic floor for Birth

Make long lasting friends, have fun and get informed! Three more sleeps to our next Birth Support meet. (this topic includes fertility and post partum guests too)

Belly dance & Pelvic floor for Birth

Don't Push: New Programme Could Save Women From Birth Injury - Page 2 of 2 - The Natural Parent Magazine

With time, patience and love ... the womans' body expels her own baby automatically. It's called the "Natural expulsive reflex", it often only happens when she feels safe and when her hormones have been left unhindered. #protectbirth

You Can't Fail to Progress Before Labour

"Failure to progress"... BUT before she is even DUE!?!?!?

Vaccine FAQs | Ask Dr Sears® | The Trusted Resource for Parents

Interesting find while I was researching breastfeeding ! No wonder Dr Sears has been labelled "anti-vaccine" and currently being driven from his profession as a child paediatrician .. His "Vaccines FAQ" page is all about Aluminium levels (which are added to vaccines as an adjuvant to deliberately increase the babies normal immune response).

Happy International Midwives Day !!! And by lovely coincidence, and for anyone that reads this far, Happy Birthday to Me (Natalie Meade)

Best Parenting Books - 12 Great Books | BellyBelly

I WISH I had more time to read more of these and other great books! Hands up who doesn't have time to read about parenting because they are in the thick of it!!!?? (Natalie)

Many women love this in labour! (Hire a doula, ask your midwife, or train your partner !)

Bill Gates reveals the 'safe' minimum age for kids to get a smartphone

Yes! I can't harp on about this enough! INCREASE REAL LIFE! Our brains are not designed/evolved to cope with so many flashing lights, noises, multiple tasks, unreal fantasy, violence, dopamine rewards for addictive gaming etc etc This threatens to increase depression and anxiety disorders in our precious youth.

Watch: Your Vagina is More Beautiful Than You Think

Subtly revealing (watch when you have a quiet, private moment alone)

Calming a Fussy Baby: Is it Colic?

Lots of great ideas to try for upset/crying baby... the only one that no-one seems to talk about ENOUGH is for mum to lie flat on her back and lay baby over ribs to feed on the opposite breast. this allows baby to lay her stomach over your rib and chest side and helps with gas and allows baby to feed and relax over your beating heart, while MUM gets a REST!!!

Laws Children Need To Know About Social Media

Australian Laws around "sexting".


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