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Crisp 'N' Fresh Moorabin

Shop 2 288 Centre Dandenong Road, Moorabbin Airport, Moorabbin, Australia
Grocery Store



Come in and check out our great seafood, meats and cheese delis. Also our quality fruit and veg along with grocery!

Check out our Cafe as well! :)  


HUGE SAVINGS AT CRISP N FRESH THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!! Amazing specials are here but only until stocks last!!!! Stock up on MIO Coffee an incredible $11.99kg!!!! Need a treat whilst you enjoy your coffee? You got it!!! Our range of delcious Bakers Biscuits 3pks for $3 Our wide range of both YUMIS and CHRIS' dips are more than a bargain at 3 for $8!!!!! PECKISH rice cracker varieties 3 for $4.00 S+W Egg mayonaise 320g squueze bottle $1.99 COLOSSUS Oil varieties (veg,sunflower,canola) 5LTR bottle $8.99 Nothing better than a homemade pasta on a cold saturday night, and we've got everything you need ridiculously cheap!! DIVELLA PASTA 500g 5 for $5 or 3kg value packs $8.99 LA TOSCA PASTA 375g 3 for $6.50 ANNALISA Diced Tomatos 400g 2 for $2.50 The bargains are here at Crisp n Fresh, but don't hesitate, prices are only while stock lasts.

Happy Long Weekend everybody!!!! 3 days off means you've got an extra day to treat yourself to some snacks and bargains. Like your cheeses? We've got Oliana foods doing in store tastings of there Epirus Feta (17.99 1kg super special) And Oliana Haloumi ($4.99 250gr) Great Seafood deals straight from the market: Flathead $29.99kg 1 kg min buy Victorian top quality Blue Grenadier $11.99kg 1kg min buy!!!! Produce Super Deals: Fantastic quality QLD premium Bananas a brilliant $1.69 kilo Sugar Pineapples a juicy $1.99 each Artichokes 2 for $2 The bargains continue at Crisp n Fresh: Morning Fresh assorted varieties 450mls for a staggering $1.99 each!!! Stock up on Divella 3kg dry pastas for winter, 3kgs for $10.99 Our bakers range of yummy biscuits go down fantastically with a warm tea or coffee. Ginger Nut, Milk Coffee and Scotch finger biscuits for $1.49 a pack We hope to share this wonderful three day break with you at Crisp n Fresh

Another cold weekend looms but a hot coffee and some great bargains will start your weekend off right!! La Tosca 375g pastas 2 for $5.50 Seafood Gyoza 1kg $12.99 Italian Freshly Sliced Bread $2.99 loaf Of course there's some seafood bargains: Fresh Blue Grenadier $15.99kg (1kg min buy) And Fresh Marinara Mix $22.99 kg Produce deals: Delicious Bananas a bargain at $1.49kg Green beans $1.99kg Crisp N Fresh are passionate at supporting Australian farmers. Which is why we choose to stick Devondale milk. And whilst giving the farmers a fair go, we can still offer you an amazing price of $2.49 for 2lts for both our full cream and skinny milks. Have a terrific weekend and we'll see you in store!!

Gearing up for a massive weekend at Crisp n Fresh, with lots of quality products at prices you'll love!!! Fresh Chicken Breast $6.49kg (2kg min buy) Delicious Polenghi Italian Cream Cheese 175g 2 for $2 Warm up with Ovenable Gluten Free Fries 1kg bag for only $2.99 Quality Smoked Ham bone in an incredible $3.99kg!! Our ever popular Ricotta tubs $14.99 for a 3kg tub As always we've got some brilliant produce specials Eggplant $2.99 kg Asparagus 2 for $4 5kg bags of Brushed Potatoes an amazing $2.69ea!! Juicy juicy Mandarins $2.49kg It wouldn't be a Crisp n Fresh weekend without some red hot Seafood Prices: Skinless boneless Flathead fillets $29.99 min 1kg buy Coffin Bay Oysters (SA) at $14.99 a dozen Tasmanian Oysters at $12.99 a dozen!!! We hope to see you here for a coffee, a chat and some fantastic bargains!!

Nothing better than a piping hot sausage in bread!! With that in mind, tomorrow from 10am we'll be cooking up a storm on the BBQ, so come buy a sausage to munch on whilst you shop and enjoy our quality products at incredible prices!!! Seafood bargains: Fresh Rockling fillets $24.99kg 1kg min buy Fresh flathead skinless/boneless fillets $29.99kg 1kg min buy Fresh produce specials: Zucchini $1.99kg Avocados 3 for $3 Mandarins $2.49kg Sweet and juicy Pineapples 3 for $5 But hurry in as prices are whilst stock lasts!!! Plenty of bargains and delicious treats to be found throughout the store. We can't wait to see you for a fantastic weekend at Crisp n Fresh!!!

Winter is on its way people, but we'll warm you up with some red hot prices!!!! (Sorry for the Dad joke so close to Mother's Day!!!!!) Ripe and juicy Gourmet Tomatoes are just $1.99 a kilo Eggplants $2.99 kg Continental cucumbers continue to be a bargain with 4 for $2 Warm up with Nino and Joes famous pork sausages 15.99 a kilo (the pork and chilli is my personal fav) Check out our deli full of delicious treats Mild/Hot Sopressa $15.99 a kilo Bulgarian fetta $8.99 a kilo We've got Johns personal favourite Maple drink on sale, half price at $1.99 a drink. He's not wrong, they're worth a try!!! We're here to help and wherever possible if you're after a certain product, let management know and we will enquire for you personally to our wide range of suppliers. There's many more bargains awaiting you so come visit Crisp n Fresh and pick up some quality products at fantastic prices!!

The savings continue at Crisp 'n' Fresh!!! Eggplant $2.99kg Green Beans $2.99kg Continental Cucumbers 4 for $2 4 pk Naan bread .99c 1kg Strawberries $6.99 ea La Triesta 500g ready made pasta 2 for $8 Come see our wide variety of Seafood Including: South Australian Cooked Prawns: $19.99kg We've got a super special on Triple Smoked Leg Ham at the amazing price of $6.99 a kilo. Perfect for the lunch box. Pop in for a coffee and a bite to eat then treat yourself to our wide variety of products. Looking forward to seeing you here !!!

Start your week off with some fresh produce and a coffee at Crisp n Fresh!! Eggplant $2.99kg Green beans $2.99kg Continental Cucumbers 4 for $2!!!!! Sweet Pineapple 3 for $5 Have a coffee and a bacon and egg roll for just $6 Enjoy our wide range of Cheese and deli meats, freshly sliced for you on the spot by our friendly experienced staff. Plenty of specials to be found in our grocery section as well: 4pk naan bread, a steal at 99 cents!! Frozen Strawberries 1kg 6.99 Mellisa pasta varieties 2 for 2.70 Start your week off right at Crisp n Fresh Hope to see you there!!

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Come down to try some delicious Meredith Dairy Goats Fetta on sale at $10.99 ea, yum!!!

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Please note due to market changes Bananas are now $1.99kg, however mention this Facebook post and we will honour the $1.49 advertised price

Come down to Crisp N Fresh today for some incredible savings: Bananas $1.49kg Mandarins $2.49kg Zucchini $1.99kg Stock up on some South Australian Cooked Prawns at only $19.99 a kilo!!!! Have a try of some delicious Sopressa salami, an absolute bargain at $15.99kg Start your morning off with a Coffee and a Bacon and Egg Roll made by our friendly cafe staff for only $6 ☕️☕️ And don't forget to stock your fridge and pantry full of delicious treats for Mum on her special day tomorrow morning!! We look forward to seeing you, the weather is fantastic and so are our prices!!!!

Come on down to Crisp n Fresh to pick up some fantastic seafood specials: Blue Grenadier $9.99kg 1kg min buy Flathead $26.99 kg 1kg min buy We've also got some terrific produce specials: Bananas $1.49kg Whole Pineapples 3 for $5 We also have a large variety of Tsoureki, Sweetloaf, Candles and dips for all your Greek Easter needs. Look forward to seeing you here!!!


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