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Seeds of Love Infant Massage

Halls head, Mandurah, Australia
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Seeds of Love Infant Massage specialises in delivering Infant Massage Classes to Parents/Primary Care Givers & their Baby's. Seeds of Love Infant Massage is jointly owned and run by Alana Langman & Caroline Menhinick.  We are equally passionate about Infant Massage and the benefits it brings to both Baby and Parent. We are particularly excited to share the 'First Touch Program' designed by 'Baby in Mind' (IAIM) with Parents and Babies in our local community. We both have families of our own and understand the shear privilege, joy, importance and complexities of being a parent.

As individuals we are both health professionals and run our own businesses within the local community.

Alana - As a Mother I am passionate about the 'First Touch Program' and I am so looking forward to sharing this with Parents and their little ones in our community. In a professional capacity I am a Remedial Massage Therapist. I own and operate Natural Balance Remedial Massage Therapy from Miami Physiotherapy in Falcon.  I see 'Seeds of Love Infant Massage' as a natural progression and exciting extension of my Remedial Massage business.

Caroline - Having worked in the health care sector for many years, first as a physiotherapist and now as a Naturopath & Remedial Therapist (owner/operator of Intune Natural Health) I am passionate about helping people achieve optimum well-being.  Nurturing touch is a vital part of our overall physical, emotional and mental health and I am excited to be able to offer infant massage courses to parents.

Infant Massage has been practiced by many cultures throughout the world but has only really been introduced into Western Culture in the last 40 years.  

Besides being a wonderful opportunity to spend quality one-on-one time with your baby Infant Massage has several other benefits.  We have outlined some of those below:-

Encourages the loving connection between Baby and Parent
Assists with Development of physical, emotional and mental well-being.
Has a calming effect and reduces stress hormones in Mum/Dad and Baby.
Provides an opportunity to observe your baby and better understand his/her cues of communication.
May assist with sleep
May assist with colic relief
May assist with digestion such as constipation/cramping/wind.


Babies In Womb Respond When Mothers Touch Bellies

Hope you and your families all had a wonderful Christmas. Wishing you all the very best for the New Year!

The more I read, and reflect, the more glaringly obvious it is that as a community we should be supporting parents to allow their Baby's cues of communication to drown out popular beliefs and 'age old ideals' which suggest seeing to your Baby's needs in nurturing and loving way will create a manipulative, spoiled and dependent child. Why is it that when an infant cries our first priority is to quieten the child rather than addressing their particular need whether physical or emotional? The thought pattern 'children should be seen and not heard' along with others like it, have, over generations, shaped how we approach parenting, generally speaking. As adults we are able to apply stress management techniques to relieve our own stress. As an infant we are reliant on a loving parent/primary care giver to assist with this. By a parent observing, understanding and responding in a way that soothes and comforts their child they support and inform their Baby's healthy development - mentally, emotionally and physically. What could be more important than that? For both Caroline and I, here at Seeds of Love Infant Massage, this is a conversation we feel is imperative to the reshaping of thoughts and beliefs on and around parenting within our community. - Alana



'Infant not a fad. It is an ancient art form that connects you deeply with the person who is your baby, and it helps you to understand your baby's particular nonverbal language and respond with love and peaceful listening.' Vimala McLure - 'Infant Massage A Handbook for Loving Parents'.



' Being touched and caressed, Being massaged, is food for the infant. Food as necessary as minerals Vitamins, and proteins." -Dr. Frederick Leboyer Infant Massage- A Handbook for Loving Parents

Dr Rosie Knowles

This is so true!

Dr Rosie Knowles

Both classes are fully booked now. Super excited to be able to share Infant Massage with these families. Tuesdays (fully booked) 10.30 am - 11.30 am at the Falcon Library - Meeting Room 2. Commencing Tuesday the 22 November 2016 Fridays (fully booked) 9.30 am - 10.30 am in Halls Head. Commencing 25 November 2016.

Registrations for our FREE Infant Massage Course on Tuesday mornings, at The Falcon Library, commencing the 22 November, will be closing Friday (18 November) morning at 8.00am. Please contact us to book in and take advantage of this awesome opportunity.

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This is so beautiful!

Dr Rosie Knowles