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Yuj Life Yoga Community

3/373 Glen Osmond Road, Glen Osmond, Australia
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A not-for-profit initiative to offer a wide variety of classes suitable for everyone to tone the body and access meditation and relaxation. A not-for-profit initiative to offer a wide variety of classes suitable for everyone to tone the body and access meditation and relaxation.

The meaning of the word "Yoga" is "union". It is derived from the Sanskrit root "yuj," (pron. "yug") meaning "to join", "to unite". In Yoga we practice to unite the mind body connection, the connection to ourselves and then the connection we share with others.

At Yuj Life we offer Yoga classes, Workshops, Meditation, 1:1 yoga sessions, private classes, Yoga Workshops for PTs and other fitness professionals, corporate classes and access to other therapeutic services such as massage, counselling and hypnotherapy.

Yuj Life Community Yoga is set up as a Not for Profit initiative. We offer a range of daily classes from beginner basics to Yoga for experienced Asana practitioners. For some classes the room is heated to your own body temperature to maximise detoxing and limbering up of the physical system. Other classes are gently warmed or non heated depending upon the outside temperature.

Our classes are informed from many styles of Yoga (Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Fascia Yoga) Tai Chi and Pilates depending upon the teacher.

All profit from our daily schedule of public classes allows the Yuj Life team to function and to then run free of charge or donation based classes for frontline service workers, disadvantaged groups in society, at risk members of society and youth, Trauma survivors and those at risk of self harm or suicide.

The founder of Yuj Life, Kirsty, has her own personal experience of suicide, anxiety, depression, grief, loss and living with both physiological and emotional responses to years of compounded stress through generational trauma and tension.  She is a Clinical Social Worker and Counselor who discovered the greatest release through her own personal journey into Yoga. Always travelling her own path back into a body with love light and peace, Kirsty wishes to expand the awareness of Trauma informed Yoga and Yoga being made accessible for all.  It is from this intention that Yuj Life has been created with a group of beautiful Yoga teachers on board to make this possible.

Every member of the Yuj Life Community Yoga team genuinely wishes both physical and emotional wellbeing to all members of society. We wish to share the joy of yoga to you all.

Most importantly we thank the members of our public classes for their continued support that allows us to offer Yoga to the broader community under this not for profit initiative.

We are always looking for feedback and suggestions


The Yuj Life Team


Only a couple of places left to join Leisa Timms on this thai yoga massage adventure perfect either as a valenrines day experience, a wellness afternoon with a friend of a taster for those thinking to do training in future in thai massage 😊😊😊

"The yogi will tell you that you feel and look as young as your spine is elastic." Monday 29th January 9:30am Yin Yoga with Paige 6pm Strong Vinyasa Flow (Warm) with Leisa 7:30pm Gentle Vinyasa Flow (Hot) Leisa #yinyoga #gentle #strong #vinyasa #hotyoga #adelaide

Hot outside you say? BOLSTERS AND AIRCONDITIONING today for our free 3.30pm Frontline Class and our public 5pm Hatha flow (3.30pm is a very gentle trauma informed class free for frontline guardians and gold coin for others) 5pm today will be a Hatha Flow class suitable for everyone. (We also invite frontline guardians to attend this class free recognising that many frontline guardians prefer to attend a regular yoga class)

Our weekly Frontline Yoga class resumes this Sunday. So if you have any friends and family members that are Frontline Guardians, then bring them along! Sunday 28th January 8:30am Sunrise Flow (Warm) with Kirsty 3:30pm FRONTLINE YOGA with Kirsty 5pm Yogi's Choice (Warm) with Kirsty #frontline #frontlineyoga #sunday #yoga #adelaide

Srey is still in India, so you have the strength, balance and brilliance of Leisa on this fine Saturday! Saturday 27th January 8:30am Strong Mind & Body (Hot) with Leisa 10am Soul Flow (Warm) with Leisa #hotyoga #soul #flow #strength #balance

Namaste Adelaide from Shanti Madir India, a place where the earth, the sky and everything in between meditates. Looking forward to sharing the inspirations from this Temple of Peace with you all. 😌🙏🏻Blessings

We are closed this friday for Australia Day! We hope everyone enjoys their day off. #AustraliaDay #dayoff #Australia

"When meditation is mastered, the mind is unwavering like the flame of a lamp in a windless place." Thursday 25th January 6am Sunrise Flow (Warm) with Leisa 9:30am Yogi's Choice (Warm) with Kirsty 6pm Hatha Flow (Warm) with Ulyana #yoga #sunrise #hatha #flow #warmyoga #mind #adelaide

"Yoga is invigoration in relaxation. Freedom in routine. Confidence through self-control, energy within and energy without." Wednesday 24th January 6am Gentle Flow (Warm) with Ryu 9:30am Gentle Flow (Warm) with Ryu 6pm Gentle Vinyasa Flow (Hot) with Leisa 7:30pm Strong Vinyasa Flow (Warm) with Leisa #yoga #flow #strong #confidence #vinyasa #energy #freedom #adelaie #southaustralia

"Breath is the king of mind" Tuesday 23rd January 9:30am Vinyasa Flow (Hot) with Paige 6pm Yogi's Choice with Tanya 7:30pm Yin Yoga with Tanya #vinyasa #yoga #hatha #yogastudio #adelaide #southaustralia

"My body is my temple and asanas are my prayers" Monday 22nd January 9:30am Yin Yoga with Vani 6pm Strong Vinyasa Flow (Hot) with Leisa 7:30pm Gentle Vinyasa Flow (Hot) with Leisa #asana #body #yinyoga #yoga #hotyoga #vinyasa

"Yoga allows you to rediscover a sense of wholeness in your life, where you do not feel like you are constantly trying to fit broken pieces together" Sunday 21st January 8:30am Sunrise Flow (Hot) with Paige 5pm Yogi's Choice (Warm) with Kirsty #hotyoga #yoga #vinyasa #hatha #adelaide #southaustralia


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