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Nature based Psychological Therapies ;advocacy and education for consumers and governments for  green based mental health.  Rebecca Dunn is a Psychologist who has been practicing as a Psychologist for over 15 years, 12 in a successful private practice. Rebecca is committed to assisting her clients with a wide range of treatment programs which aim to improve mental well being through reconnection to nature. Nature based activities are an important part of the therapy process and some therapy sessions are conducted outside with clients as a result. Rebecca is a keen life long learner and is currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy / Herbal Medicine to complement her work. As part of her own reconnection to nature, Rebecca uncovered a love for permaculture and is completing a Permaculture Design Certificate this year. Rebecca is a passionate mental health advocate and has long involved herself in not for profit organisations to assist the community, including the Gidget Foundation and the Exodus Foundation. Rebecca enjoys blending all her areas of knowledge together to assist her clients find their own inner wisdom to heal.
The next few years will see Rebecca focus on trying to bring more nature based therapies into the public mental health system as a way to bridge hospital based treatments with community based treatments.


Macquarie University Centre for Emotional Health

SANE Australia

There's a lot of armchair experts around describing this condition . This SANE Australia article does a great job busting some myths .


Vale to one of the most courageous , brave and inspiring women both on and off the screen . As this video says , to not just survive but thrive in the face of mental illness ? GO YOU . The love and support of friends , healers, family and systems who support people on this journey ? Well know you are loved and appreciated more than you know . The people who truly walk their talk on supporting those with mental health issues beyond platitudes and hollow acts of social media 'support' are invaluable . Not all people have this kind of support and it's high time this country changes that don't you think ?

Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh

Hello Sunday Morning

Is it okay to ignore Christmas?

Every Tuesday on the Sane forums , great topics discussed . This week , is it ok to ignore Christmas ?:

Is it okay to ignore Christmas?

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Without fail , each year I get an influx of new clients absolutely panicked about how to approach Christmas with family members they don't like , haven't seen in a long time or how to deal with the more challenging people they feel they must spend time with . First up , all families have spoken and unspoken rules . When I ask people about their family's spoken rules these are easy to identify and are spoken about openly , can be debated and changed . The unspoken rules are trickier . These are rarely openly discussed and indeed if they are , often denied ! Some examples of these may be - appear happy even when you're not . Families must spend significant times of the year together no matter what . It's not ok to be angry . I invite you to really reflect on the spoken and unspoken rules in your family . What is common to both types of rules is this : they are there to control how family members interact and relate . When we want to break the 'rules' , a huge whack of anxiety is often experienced and when you get down to it , abandonment fears rear up . When you are an adult , you get to choose . You get to decide which rules you are ok with . Which rules require caveats and updates and which no longer serve your highest good . Yes this may mean experiencing some fear you need to work through ! We are not as bound as we may like to tell ourselves to these rules as adults & this time of year may well provide a good opportunity for you to really give them a good airing and remind yourself that you can choose which you follow and which you do not wish to .

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How to Speak to Someone About an Unspeakable Loss

Great advice on how to speak to someone after a tragic event . Manage your own emotions first . Then reach out , listen deeply and be practical in support you can offer :

Healing Forest

Now this is really beautiful ! How forests heal people :

Australian Geographic

Live streamed today - Christmas Island's red crab migration .

Mater Maternity

For clients who've lost a baby and have been wondering ....yes it's on . Deb de Wilde has again arranged a beautiful service ,details below :

Mater Maternity

Yongo Otieno

So many benefits for kids growing some of their food !