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Capalaba Child Care and Early Education Centre - Eskay Kids

39 Holland Crescent, Capalaba, Australia



Did you know our sister centre is the only centre in QLD to be awarded the Excellent rating.  Same owners, same philosophy, excellence is our mission.  



Brett's Updates - Taking down Ewings Sarcoma

As some of our families are aware this amazing family attends our centre. It is with sadness that the world has lost such an incredible man, father, husband, son and friend! On Friday the 22nd Brett's family and friends will be celebrating his life. They have asked for people attending the service to wear Yellow. We would like to extend that invitation to our families to also wear yellow in support of Brett and his family and others that have been effected by Ewings Sarcoma. A gold coin donation can be given to your child's educators as all funds raised will go directly to the foundation.

Brett's Updates - Taking down Ewings Sarcoma

Do schools kill creativity?

One of my favourite talks of all time. If you haven't seen it, it's an absolute must do!

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We've had lots of tours and enquiries over the past 3 weeks, but there are still some positions available - some are very limited, so call Suzette today to ensure you don't miss out! 3823 1145.

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Dance with me in the Heart

"Calling all Parents and Teachers - Play is THE way a child's intelligence unfolds. Intelligence is there as potential in every child, that is the nature of being a human-being. And it is the amount of play that works intelligence from 'potential' into reality for each child. But not just any play. The kind of play that unfolds intelligence won't involve a battery or a screen, sorry. It just doesn't do it no matter how much the kids might like it. The kind of play that unfolds intelligence HAS to be in the real world, in three dimensions, with movement, and most often it involves other children and always imagination. Imagination is the genetically encoded process by which the child makes images in his or her brain, and then acts on them. So now you can see why screens won't work, the screen makes it's own image and there is nothing for the brain to do. There is no way intelligence can unfold through the connections the brain builds by making images and connecting them up watching a screen, because there is no brain building going on."

Dance with me in the Heart

Lunch Box Food Ideas - Over 100! | Be A Fun Mum

A great little inspiration print out for all those Mums and Dad's about to send their little cherubs off to prep soon

Top Five Reasons to Choose Nature Preschool

"You must be hands-on when you learn in nature. You cannot be a passive learner; you must engage. Most nature preschools do not put a heavy emphasis on early academics. Instead, they opt for a balanced curriculum that seeks to develop the “whole child”—i.e., cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and creative development."

4 Benefits of Play to Help Improve Your Success

"A study at Michigan State University found that children who grew up to create successful businesses or generate patents were exposed to eight times more art, crafts, and play as children ...... " "Children who played the most were more likely to become successful entrepreneurs and scientists."

Early Academic Training Produces Long-Term Harm

Early Academic Training Produces Long-Term Harm. "The children from the play-based preschools were now performing better, getting significantly higher school grades, than were those from the academic preschools"

Schools in Finland will no longer teach 'subjects'

“There are schools that are teaching in the old fashioned way which was of benefit in the beginnings of the 1900s – but the needs are not the same and we need something fit for the 21st century". ....... “We would like to make Finland the leading country in terms of playful solutions to children’s learning,”

Mom: What do I expect from my children’s elementary school? Certainly not this.

"It’s not in their nature to enjoy work; children are created to learn through play."

let the children play

"It may satisfy politicians to see children perform inappropriately difficult tasks like trained circus animals. However, if we want our youngest to actually learn, we will demand the return of developmentally appropriate kindergarten." Speaking out against the push down of academic content and teaching methods into our preschools:

Deakin University | Kinder gardens get a makeover

“Unfortunately, there has been a trend towards more artificial environments, particularly in some childcare centres,” Dr Morrissey said. “Some centres have too many artificial surfaces and plastic equipment - and not enough rocks and plants.” “The centres are probably considering health, hygiene and maintenance issues, and reducing what they see as safety risks, but, in fact, more natural environments have the opposite effect.


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