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Sew Fun Sewing 4 You

Beverley Street, Burpengary, Australia
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Currently closed - reopening in 2016 Sew Fun Sewing 4 You has been created by Jade, Mum of 3 Step Mum of 1, to cater to those who love their home made sewn items. My collection of items I can sew is ever growing. To name a few;
- Slip covers for Manduca, Standard and Toddler Tula.
- Accessories for carriers such as suck pads (straight and corner), reach straps, Tula hoods
- Nappy wallets
- Pram covers and universal inserts
- Baby/Child blankets
- Taggy Blankets
- Kindy bag
-  Trolley Mate
and coming soon:
Modern Cloth Nappies and the Necessary Clutch Wallet.


Hey everyone. I've tried to shut down this page but it for some reason didn't occur (said it would in 14 days then never did) so I'll just update here. I can no longer come back to my sewing passion as back in November 2015 my little Imogen was diagnosed with Autism. Obviously was dealing with a lot prior to diagnoses however since we're now aware of what has been going on this meant introducing therapies - so OT, speech, physio, dietitian and Early Childhood Development Program play group....this fills my days up on top of 2 days week working so busy busy busy :)

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