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We protect a range of special countryside sites & a few historic buildings around Gloucestershire. Our countryside includes classic Cotswolds landscapes with gentle hillsides ('wolds'), river valleys, grassland pastures, stone walls and majestic woods.  We want our Facebook page to be a place where people can share how they feel about the National Trust and talk about their experiences in a fun environment. We welcome feedback – both positive and negative. It helps us to learn and grow. These house rules aim to ensure everyone can enjoy themselves while they’re here.
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Ranger Percy never misses an opportunity to help us raise money to care for the special places you love in the Cotswolds 😂

Sadly several sheep have been fatally injured at Woodchester Park in the past few weeks. It's tempting to let your dog have a run but please help us to keep the grazing livestock safe by keeping your four legged friend on a short lead when visiting the park.

John Workman, considered to be one of the most influential foresters of his generation, gave the Ebworth Estate to the National Trust almost 30 years ago. Your support means we're able to continue to care for his beloved beech woodland. Thank you ❤️

When bats fill the skies, it's got to be Halloween. The skies above Woodchester Park are home to one of Britain's rarest bats. Greater Horseshoe bats find the wooded valley irresistible. They emerge at dusk to hunt insects. They're particularly fond of the dung beetles that live in the cowpats left by the grazing cattle. Happy Halloween! Photo: © National Trust Images/ Bat Conservation Trust/ Hugh Clark

If you share our passion for Minchinhampton and Rodborough Commons we'd love to hear from you. We're looking for volunteer Advisory Committee members to support us in looking after this special place.

First frost of the season but the sun rise on Dover's Hill was worth getting up early for.

The most beautiful season? Autumn gets our vote. Workman's Wood on the Ebworth estate are a riot of colour.

The recent storms have certainly been keeping the rangers busy. With so many woods to look after, the chipper's been working overtime!

Did you tune into Autumnwatch last night to see how the Red Kites got on? They all managed to fledge and have been spreading their wings far and wide. One's even made it to Iceland. We'll see them flying over the places we care for in the Cotswolds when they return to breed in three years time. Safe travels...

Looking for some fun with the kids this half-term? Woodchester Park's play trail has it all - from wobble beams to rope swings. The more adventurous can even have a go at whizzing through the trees on the zip wire. Where will your woodland adventure take you?

So who'll be tuning in tonight?


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