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UbaTuda provides tutoring for Math and Physics at any level from high school through college, including preparation for AP, SAT, ACT, GRE and MCAT.  Upgrade your learning with an MIT alum! My most recent academic position is Adjunct Professor at Notre Dame College in Cleveland, Ohio.  Previously, I was at Union County College in New Jersey, and at Salt Lake Community College in Utah, teaching for both the Math and Physics departments. I also work for Varsity Tutors, tutoring high school through graduate school, both in students’ homes and ONLINE.  This experience has taught me the patience, communication skills, and knowledge to connect to students on an individual basis and teach effectively.  More importantly, I am also quite willing and eager to develop my skills further to improve my performance.   
My reason for teaching is simply that I have the necessary skills and ability, so it is a contribution and a trade, while I pursue my own varied interests. I feel strongly that I have good insight into the challenges facing students and the artificial limitations placed on their success by demographics and prevailing attitudes about education. I am dedicated to the goal of instruction, which is to inspire students to engage their lives in a meaningful way. I also acknowledge that it is an avenue for economic mobility. On the most basic level, I feel satisfaction when I am able to facilitate understanding and to successfully motivate students to ask and pursue their own questions, and I am also very interested in figuring out how to reach every student in my classes.

While tutoring, especially online tutoring, is a different environment from the classroom, I still maintain the same goals.  And as more people explore online learning, it is still important, and there is more opportunity, to develop a healthy mindset regarding education.
I feel very strongly that some of the primary obstacles students face are the fears, anxieties and experiences of exclusion that, for example, can come with being a minority — whether by race or by class. Students often misinterpret temporary setbacks as a permanent indication of potential for success and belonging. As early as possible, students need to internalize the feeling that they belong and the idea that hard work and study improve intelligence. When at later times they feel self-doubt, such feelings and beliefs will allow them to handle the doubt and persevere.
In the classroom, I prefer to emphasize the importance of discussion and collaboration, not only with the instructor to clarify concepts and methods, but also with fellow students to facilitate internalization and facility in employing the ideas, strategies, and methods. Thus my lectures become discussions that emphasize and ease the essential process of individual study and conceptualization and that are strongly complemented by group activity. Individual projects driven by students’ own interests and presented to the class also ensure that each one has an opportunity to formulate his ideas and communicate them to peers. I also emphasize the importance of correcting mistakes and lapses in understanding by grading exam corrections and by discussing projects and quiz solutions directly with each student, which also allows me to engage each student individually.  The most important thing anyone can learn through education is the habit of building a conceptual framework of his or her topic of interest.


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Here is a helpful article about preparing for the sat math: It is advice for taking the regular sat, but it is good advice for the physics and math subject tests as well. If you are using something like a Baron's prep book, the topics are roughly in order according to the proportion of questions that cover them on the test. There's a lot there, but I can cover it pretty concisely, so you can get to work on practicing the problems. The main goal is to become comfortable with the problems and then to solve them methodically and quickly. You will need problem solving strategies to accomplish that, and we will spend our time rehearsing those strategies.

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Learn something new or get to the bottom of a problem that bugs you...I can help!

I have a B.S. in Mathematics from MIT and a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Utah. I have taught and tutored students from high school through college, including adults and grad students, in various physics and math courses. I am currently with Varsity Tutors.

I can teach the important details in a way that makes sense and shows you why they are relevant. This provides a context for what you are learning and makes the topics easier to understand and remember. It will also help you organize your knowledge so that it is useful to you, allowing you to know what you know, what you should learn, and what you need to figure out.

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