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Empatherra - Conscious Mediation

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Empatherra is about the process and to stimulate partners and businesses into heart intelligence. How to communicate New narratives for a world in need.  'Empatherra' is an enterprise, ecological caretaker and guardian of humanity, whose purpose is to influence, motivate and sustain an altruistic and sharing business methodology.

Empatherra designs methods and provide applied approaches (on communication, human relation, value and experience) to help leaders and organizations perform better through course of actions that are socially and environmentally good for our planet.

Empatherra will function as a funnel of conscious and empowering means, both on organization as well on personal level. To condition human value to improve in greater collaboration that matters in a world in need.

Empatherra is a Non-profit organization that will focus on building empathic frameworks in which are the mesh of sharing economy, humane technology, distributed information, transparency from the ones who lead, and with guidelines that raise the living standard for all - hand in hand with altruistic development on local, global and fundamental level.

Empatherra merge narratives together by dialogues. To get all involved in the process of life and with inspirational language for the collective to feel good about. We see the importance of cultural interference and what collaboration and communication has in common.

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