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We make innovative renewable energy solutions with smart and beautiful design

GALLERIES: InnoVentum is a Malmö-based company focused on developing and commercialising the world’s most environmentally friendly, resource-efficient and aesthetically compelling solutions for decentralised renewable energy production.

To offer environmentally friendly products with the lowest carbon impact possible, InnoVentum sells towers made of wood instead of steel. Our unique designs comprise state of the art technologies in wood engineering, our passion for sustainable development, and are inspired by famous pieces of art and architectural landmarks. Our installations are an eye-catcher in our customer’s gardens as well as in public areas.

We are open to new partnerships and mutually beneficial alliances. InnoVentum is in the avant-garde of every development that makes our life greener, cleaner and more beautiful!



Morocco to give 600 mosques a green makeover

"Six hundred “green mosques” are to be created in Morocco by March 2019 in a national consciousness-raising initiative that aims to speed the country’s journey to clean energy."

Intro To Carbon Pricing (Video)

"Why is a price on carbon one of the most cost-effective and market-friendly solutions to climate change? When a price on carbon forces companies to start paying the real economic and environmental costs of fossil fuels, they naturally look for cheaper options like solar and wind. More investment then goes into clean energy and a virtuous cycle begins, with lower costs attracting more business and investment, driving prices down even further. Which helps attract more business and investment. And on and on."

What Millennials Want From An Energy Company

Recent Accenture survey to map energy company expectations by the Millennials: "Globally, what the survey found was a generation of energy users who are not only digital natives, but children of the “sharing economy”, who expect to be able to invest in and benefit from solar power generation, even if they don’t have a rooftop to install it on; who are actively interested in trading on the energy marketplace; and who absolutely expect to be able to monitor and control their energy profiles – like their social media profiles – via their mobile phone."

10 Solar Energy Facts & Charts You (& Everyone) Should Know

10 inspiring facts and figures about solar energy that everyone should know about!

Möllegården Visitor Centre - Science Village Scandinavia

Read about our #Giraffe 2.0 at the Science Village Möllegården Visitor Centre: #ESS #MaxIVLab #möllegården

Scotland wind turbines cover all its electricity needs for a day

"Turbines in Scotland provided 39,545 megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity to the National Grid on Sunday while the country’s total power consumption for homes, business and industry was 37,202 MWh – meaning wind power generated 106% of Scotland’s electricity needs."

Britain shouts about immigration but is silent on one of the root causes: climate change | Andrew...

Andrew Simms: The Brexit campaign pivoted around migration but its politicians are sceptical of action on global warming that is a key driver of displacement


Kraftringen writing about the Giraffe 2.0 we installed in Lund - check it out! :)


Record 46% of UK's electricity generated by clean energy sources in 2015

Great news from the UK!

Svart på vitt om elbilen

For the electric vehicles to be environmentally-friendly, one needs to ensure that the electricity charging them is produced in a sustainable way. In some countries (India, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, China) an EV would have a larger carbon footprint than a traditional vehicle (!). Check this article (in Swedish) for more info on the topic and think about our Giraffe 2.0 that can charge EVs with the wind and sun:

Solar Impulse completes historic round-the-world trip - BBC News

"The future is clean. The future is you. The future is now. Let's take it further." Piccard, the pilot of the first solar-powered plane to fly round the world, speaking after it landed in Abu Dhabi yesterday

We just broke the record for hottest year, 9 straight times

"Global surface temperatures are now more than 0.3°C hotter than they were in 1997–1998. That’s a remarkable rise over just 18 years, in comparison to the 1°C the Earth’s average surface temperatures have risen since the Industrial Revolution began."


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