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Sandy Beach. Anglesey.

Sandy Beach, Llanfwrog, Anglesey, ,



Sandy Beach The best beach in the uk!


Celebrate New Year's Eve with us. DJ and Karaoke in the bar. Opening hours to be confirmed

Next season's dates will be the 9th of March 2018 to the 5th of January 2019 for statics and 16th of March 2018 to 10th of November 2018 for tourers

The bar will be open this Saturday (closed on Friday) for the last night until New Year's Eve. We will be open from 7pm and beer will be £2.50 a pint 🍻🍻🍻

This year's bonfire on the beach will be on the 28th of October

A warning folks - We have been advised that there is a decking screening that can be bought on a roll (looks like branches) which is extremely flammable. If you have anything similar you need to remove it immediately!

Sandy Beach is looking for a local person to clean our shower blocks. Hours vary according to the season. Interested? Please call Lorna on 07754 582773.

Well that was a wild one! As far as we can see there's no damage apart from Lorna's shed

Next season's dates will be : Statics - 10th of March 2017 to the 6th of January 2018 Tourers - 17th of March 2017 to the 11th of November 2017

Don't miss the last night in the bar until New Year's Eve! We will only be open Saturday the 5th of November this week from 7 pm. Draught beer prices will be reduced to £2.50 a pint - come and help us empty the barrels!

This year's bonfire on the beach and firework display will be on Saturday the 29th of October

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