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Molly Greens Tattoo and Piercing

6 High Street, Haverfordwest, United Kingdom
Tattoo & Piercing Shop



We are a family owned tattoo and piercing shop offering custom tattoo design, piercings and dermal implants.


We're closing at 3 this afternoon.

I've been waiting 5 years for someone to get this as a tattoo. A little gap filled, the wolf isn't done by me and will be covered eventually. I'm really trying to work on my colour saturation...

Some poppies, a cat sniffing a butterfly and a unicorn, all in a days work... Both done on the shins, which stings a bit. Thanks Angie, happy birthday for Sunday.

2 for joy on Kimba. Thanks for travelling so far...

Started this sugar skull/rose combo today, more to be added in May. Thanks Aled...

Tree frog done today. Thanks Jamie, look forward to adding more...

Did this representation of one of Frida Kahlo's self portraits today. Really tough piece to do, hopefully I did it justice... I've added the original in the comments

Did the lines on this sugar skull today, image supplied by the customer. Colour to come next month

Added this little punk rock hedgehog and robin to an Sarah's ongoing sleeve...

Today was mainly about flowers and flying pigs... Thanks Elaine, Val and Jenny

We are open today for piercings and Laser removal consultations.

I've decided to close the studio today due to the weather, stay warm people