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Hammond Design

1144 Hillgrove Ave, Western Springs, United States
Musical Instrument Store



Karl designs and manufactures high quality brass instrument mouthpieces that are distributed world wide. Hammond Design manufactures a full line of brass instrument mouthpieces including trumpet, cornet, trombone and tuba with flugelhorn on request. Custom services and alterations are also available for all brass instruments. Consistent manufacturing with a wide variety of features has been a main strength of Hammond Design.

Karl Hammond is recognized by players all over the world for his commitment to excellence through superior craftsmanship and professionalism. Dedication to working with the customer one-on-one to aid that musician in receiving the highest and most accurate standard or custom mouthpiece they can receive is and always will be the goal of Hammond design!



Norm takin a snow day. Delayed start at HD. #wgnsnow

Little birdie tells me Mr. Chuck Parrish was in the shop today and left with a new toy. #CPbyHD

Meet our new number one seller! Our tuba brothers 30L and 30XL are sold out and it’s only Feb 8th. Time to rethink quarterly brass supply..... #soundsbetterinHD #DCI

The gold collection continues.... #Goforthegold Nick Owsik

Hey IU peeps....... How about a HD hang this summer? Karl will buy the beer. #agedfinish #militaryfinish

Thanks David Wolfe for the fabo pic!

How’s your gold? #soundsbetterinHDgold


Always a good idea to get a back up of your mouthpieces. Don’t worry if your piece is no longer made/available we can help you out. #customHD

#teamKarls My Hammond 4MLX gives me the response, quality of articulation, presence in the hall, and tone color I want, all the while being more comfortable on my chops. Put another way, I do not sacrifice any one element for another - I get the best of the whole picture. I am an accurate player, but with this mouthpiece I feel as though my accuracy is more intuitive and natural and takes less mental effort, and as I say, all the while giving me the sound I want. As principal trumpet in the Oklahoma City Philharmonic, these traits are vital, and this mouthpiece makes it all more natural, more satisfying, and more enjoyable. KS.

Matt Anklan Collection

Lawson custom French Horn Karl style


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