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You know those moments/memories that you don't want to end? Let me capture them so that they don't have to! Hi there! My name is Raven Malone. I've always had a passion for photography. When I got my first digital camera, it went EVERYWHERE with me! I'm sure I annoyed my friends with the amount of pictures/videos I would take. My favorites were when they weren't looking. When they were caught in a moment laughing, arguing, dancing, etc. Whatever I could capture, I did. Now I get to share my passion with all of you.


Jasmine Star

Thank you King Haylo Tunez for keeping me on my toes and never letting me quit.

Jasmine Star

I keep seeing this debate about pineapples going on pizza and I was thinking. I want EVEYONE to want pineapples on their pizza! That way, when I'm eating my pizza without pineapples, hopefully they don't want any. More pizza for me!!! :-) How many of my followers are with me?! #ILovePizza #NoPineapplesPlease #MorePizzaForMe

Giveaway announcement!

Giveaway announcement!

It's almost time!!!

It's almost time!!!

Ok guys, giveaway is over! The winners will be announced at 5 o'clock P.M. Stay tuned! 😊

Bryan Silva

Brb. I'm off to find a lemon and a puppy!! 😂😂😂

Instagram photo by Raven Malone • Aug 6, 2016 at 2:04pm UTC

My God son is turning two! I swear it hasn't been that long! Where has the time gone?! Someone help me. I can't handle this! 😭

I'm Not a Tourist

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Whoever said that pain wasn't beautiful has clearly never been to @canvasoffleshtattoos !!! #CanvasOfFlesh #Tattoo #ablissfulmomentphotography #Photography #warnerrobins #macon #atlanta #Georgia #georgiaweddingphotographer

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Family, Love, and Fireworks!

Geni and Al Reynoso | Massee Lane Gardens

April and Michael May | Indian Springs State Park Indian Springs State Park

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