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Common Ground Food Co-op

300 S Broadway Ave #166, Urbana, United States
Health Food Store



Common Ground Food Co-op is a cooperatively owned grocery store that promotes local and organic production, fosters conscious consumerism, and builds community.


Fedco Seeds (cooperative) Flower Bulbs are here! Pop these Dutch Bulbs in the ground and watch the pop right back up next spring. $5.99 a box. #cooptocoop

Hey parents! Remember that our Co+op Explorer cooking classes are this week. TODAY is Team Tomatillos (1st & 2nd grade) from 4-5. THURSDAY is Team Artichokes (3rd - 5th grade) from 4-5. It's tons of fun, so sign up your child through Eventbrite or at the registers in the store!

Every penny counts. In 2016, Common Ground nearly doubled its 2015 Round Up for Good total in raising $56,319.30 for local community organizations. So far in 2017, shoppers have broken the record for an individual month - twice - and the co-op is on pace to top the 2016 total. Next year, we'll be Rounding Up for these important local organizations: Planned Parenthood, Daily Bread Soup Kitchen, Black Lives Matter: Champaign-Urbana, Courage Connection, Eastern Illinois Foodbank, R. A. C. E. S., Sola Gratia Farm, Crisis Nursery, Education Justice Project, Prairie Rivers Network, & Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center. We encourage you to read up on each organization and support their efforts, along with every other nominated organization (found here: You can also read our full Impacts Report here #togetherwecan #roundupforgood #everypennycounts #changeforchange

Soupin' around. Find the full October soup menu here:

Two days left to sign up for our first segment of the self-care series! Good news! Tickets are now a flat fee of $5 for both owners and non-owners. Don't miss your chance!

Resistance + Resilience = Inspiration and a new co-op!

The flyer's green has turned orange with autumn. Enjoy the weekly sales and their fall-themed flyer!

We have 75 unique local items in produce this week and 31 categories of fruits & vegetables, many with multiple varieties. It's time to #shoplocal! #shopinseason #seasonalproduce #thatswhatsup #knowyourfood #75localitems #within100miles

Did you know praying mantises commonly target hummingbirds? Did you know they have SKEWERS on their legs? What a wild world. Hope you're having a great day.