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Golden Globes 2016: The winners list -

Here's the winners list from last nights Golden Globes Tommy And Danielle KHITS Morning Show

106.9 K-Hits

Move over Sweet Brown!!! Tommy And Danielle KHITS Morning Show

Man gives honest answer about what he would do with Powerball Jackpot

While you're thinking of what you would do with all the money you would win with the powerball lottery, listen to what this guy would do with the money. haha Tommy and Danielle KHITS Morning Show

12 Documentaries You Should Definitely Watch If You Liked "Making A Murderer"

So we binged all 10 episodes of Making A Murderer.. Now what?! Anyone else feeling like they need more? ~Chaser

Fuller House photos released by Netflix |

A peek at Fuller House.. You got it, dude! Who is ready for February 26th?! ~Chaser

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Tommy is out at Great Clips in BA giving away Madonna tickets!! Come in and get your hairs clipped!!! We're here until 1p!!!

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Man upset over TSA pat-down of girl, 10

Should the dad be a little upset about the 2 min pat down of his 10 year old daughter from TSA? Tommy and Danielle KHITS Morning Show

Steven Avery -- My Brothers May Have Killed Teresa Halbach

Talk about a plot twist.. But do you believe it? ~Chaser

The Internet Is Going Crazy For This Frying Pan That'll Cook Your Entire Breakfast

Could this be the best invention ever!!!!! YES! Tommy Jordan

What are some things that people are easily offended by? Tommy and Danielle KHITS Morning Show

'Making A Murderer' Creators Say Juror Just Revealed Insane Information (Video)

WHAT?! Did you hear this on NBC's Today Show this morning? This show has me all sorts of... Ahhhhhhh! ~Chaser

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Me. Daily struggle. 100%! ~Chaser

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