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Farm Girls Barn-Yard

2305 N 47th Rd, Somonauk, United States
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The "Farm Girls Barn-Yard" Sale was started in 2012 in the barn and yard of our family's centennial farm in north central Illinois.  Currently we have three sales a year - April, July and October. Barn Sale held 3 times a year in April, July and October.  Includes vintage, collectible, furniture, farm-fresh, antique and unique items :)


Besides this being "Picture Day 10 of 10", it's "Farm Girls' Eve"!! Remember the "rules" . . . . - No early entry - Park responsibly - CASH & Good CHECK ONLY - Have fun - Be kind <3 - Read Whitfield Acres Antiques and More, Yesteryears - A Step Back in Time and Carolyn's Facebook pages for any further info or pics. See y'all tomorrow, Friday or Saturday!!!!! Ok, here are the last of the pics!

In honor of our 5th Anniversary, we're celebrating YOU! Our loyal customers have made this adventure SO much fun and we would like to repay the favor :) We've got lots "Anniversary Sale" price tags on LOTS of stuff!! And there's alot of anniversary "tweeking" going on, too!! We gotta admit, this is gonna be a GREAT SALE!!

Good Morning, Barn Peeps! Here are some "Rules & Regulations" (sounds official, don't it!! lol!) for our sale here at Farm Girls Barn-Yard starting this Thursday, Oct. 12 and running through Saturday, Oct. 14 from 8am - 4pm each day. . . . . . . 1. NO EARLY ENTRY - it is our goal to always be fair to everyone. Especially those loyal customers who are here first thing Thursday morning. We will have the flags up across the driveway. There is room to park behind those flags so we ask that you do so until you need to drive in to pick up your purchases. It's safer and most courteous to all our customers. Thank you so much for your cooperation <3 2. CASH OR GOOD CHECK ONLY - Farm Girls Barn-Yard only accepts these two methods of payment. *Note* - other barn salers may do it differently, but WE only do cash or good check. So be prepared and be sure to stop at the ATM if you need to! :) 3. PARKING - As always, we ask that you respect our farm and farmers and park responsibly. It IS harvest season and there may be combines, semis or tractors coming by so PLEASE park as far off the road as possible. The ditches will be mowed for easier parking :) 4. DIFFERENT SALES / DIFFERENT RULES - just a note that these are OUR Farm Girls Barn-Yard rules and our other Barn Salers at Whitfield Acres Antiques and More, Yesteryears - A Step Back in Time or Carolyn's may have different rules. So please be aware and check each sales' Facebook page for any details :) 5. COMFORT STATION - There will be a restroom here for your convenience. So feel free to relax, spend all the time you want shopping, enjoy some cider and cookies and know it's there if you need it! :) 6. HAVE FUN - THIS is our most important rule! We want you to enjoy yourselves, make some memories and always be kind to one another <3 Love, your Farm Girls ~ Shirley and Linda 👩‍🌾👩‍🌾

Ok, Barn Peeps, it's your lucky day because toDAY you get TWO days worth of pics!! These will be Picture Days 8 AND 9 of 10!! Enjoy the variety! 📸📸

Picture Day 7 of 10 :) We're getting closerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Picture Day 6 of 10 ~ Less than a week to go!!!

Picture Day 5 of 10 :) We're half way there!!

ONE WEEK from today!!! 🎉😃🙋🙋

Picture Day 4 of 10 ~ lots yet to see!!

We always know things can change BUT . . . . . . LOOK at next week's forecast!!!! Woohoooo!!! <3 <3

Picture Day 3 of 10 . . . . .

Picture Day 2 of 10 ~ Enjoy the show!


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