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New Assurance Baptist Church

7024 Amherst Street, San Diego, United States
Religious Organization




"Embracing The Call Of God" Scripture: Genesis 12: 1-4 The PLAN of God v. 1 The PROMISE of God v. 2 The PROTECTION of God v. 3 Obedience PROCEEDS the Blessings v. 4 Put God First and follow his plans to be Successful and Blessed

Merry Christmas Eve "The True Light" John 1: 6-13 1. The True Light Represents v. 6-8 2. The True Light Reviled v. 9 3. The True Light Rejected v. 10-11 4. The True Light Received v. 12-13

Mission and Hospitality Christmas fellowship! A Great time was had by all! Lots of Love and Laughter! #nabc #blessed #allglorytogod #fellowship

"The Gift To Meet Our Needs" Scripture: Ephesians 4:8-15 The Purpose of the Church v. 8-10 The Presents to the Church v. 11 The Product of the Church v. 12-15

"A Gift To Live By" ! Scripture: 2 Timothy 3: 14-17 The Intent of the Scripture v. 14-15 The Inspiration for the Scripture v. 16 The Desired Impact of the Scripture v. 17 Are you Utilizing the Gifts God gave You?? First Gift "The Gift of Scripture" The word of God! "The Holy Bible"

For God's people " Everyday is a day of Thankfulness"

A Heart full of Thankfulness Scripture: Psalm. 40: 1-5 The Patience for Salvation v. 1 The Power in Salvation v. 2 The Praise for Salvation v. 3-5

A few pictures with my church babies. Say cheese!

Have a Blessed Sunday! What are you Thankful for?

Happy Friday! Have a Blessed day!

Happy Blessed Sunday.


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