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ARUP Laboratories

500 S Chipeta Way, Salt Lake City, United States
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ARUP Laboratories is a diagnostic medical testing laboratory. We test blood, fluid, & tissue in our medical laboratories to help U.S. doctors diagnose & monitor disease in their patients.


Clinical Trials | ARUP Laboratories

Did you know that we have been successfully supporting clinical trials for over 25 years? ARUP’s Clinical Trials Department has a team of dedicated project managers to ensure a successful trial and interaction with ARUP. Our focus on quality and service is unparalleled in the industry. Find out more:

National Comprehensive Cancer Network

National Comprehensive Cancer Network

A Microbiologist’s Approach to Identifying & Avoiding Food Poisoning |...

After spending his days at ARUP identifying various pathogens that cause food poisoning, Dr. Marc Couturier is sure to take extra precautions when cooking at home. See his tips for avoiding and preventing food poisoning on our blog:

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Learn more about ARUP's efforts to reduce any potential cross contamination in the Toxicology Lab. ARUP's Bioanalytical Engineering Group and Dr. Strathmann invented a new plate adapter.

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Getting to the Heart of Precision Medicine: Embracing Genetic Diversity

Fascinating interview with Dr. Clement Chow on how genetic variation impacts disease outcomes. Check out the University of Utah's Scope Radio


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