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Poynter is a school dedicated to teaching & inspiring journalists & media leaders. The Poynter Institute is a school dedicated to teaching and inspiring journalists and media leaders. It promotes excellence and integrity in the practice of craft and in the practical leadership of successful businesses. It stands for a journalism that informs citizens and enlightens public discourse. It carries forward Nelson Poynter's belief in the value of independent journalism in the public interest.



Elon Musk's suggestion of a "credibility score" is worth discussing because building one is a pretty popular idea — especially among Silicon Valley types. (ICYMI)

The series might win converts to the value of journalism — and facts. But what really stands out is its humanity.

"...We answer questions about anything from anyone."

Can readers easily find your contact information? Probably not.

"Out of an abundance of caution, we are temporarily blocking traffic from EU countries until we are confident we can meet all of the requirements of the new privacy regulations."

The downsizing is relentless.

One reason: Two-newspaper towns are no longer sustainable.

Hilary Sargent has accused the Globe's top editor, Brian McGrory, of sending her an inappropriate text.

It got personal.

Musk's suggestion of a "credibility score" for journalists is pretty popular among Silicon Valley types.

Is it sustainable enough to truly threaten Google and Facebook?

Awareness > Engagement > Conversion > Retention


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