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Sing at Arts Beats & Eats!
We're searching for talented singers to perform at Arts Beats & Eatsl! We're giving away over $1500 in Cash & Prizes!! Come sing at Arts Beats & Eats in the Rock The Mic Singing Competition!! We are giving away over $1500 in Cash and Prizes!!  You have 2 different ways of competing:

1.)   Traditional Karaoke Singing Competition

Auditions are Every Wednesday during Karaoke Night at Mr. B’s – Royal Oak (9pm)

Qualification Rounds are July 26th-Aug 23rd.

Bar Finals are Aug. 30th

Approximately 20+ Singers will advance to sing on the Pepsi Performance Pit Stage at Arts Beats and Eats on Saturday Sep. 2 (12pm-2pm) to compete for a share of $1500* in Cash & Prizes!

The winner of the Bar Finals will sing with The Persuasion Band on The Soaring Eagle Casino Stage on Fri. Sep 1 during the 9:45pm Show

Competition is open to Soloists, Duets & Trios

2.)   Acoustic Live Karaoke Singing Competition

Auditions are Tuesdays at Pronto – Royal Oak during Acoustic Karaoke Night

Qualification Rounds are July 25th, Aug. 8, Aug 22nd

Bar Finals are Aug. 29th

Approximately 20+ Singers will advance to sing on the Pepsi Performance Pit Stage at Arts Beats and Eats on Sunday Sep. 3 (12pm-2pm) to compete for a share of $1500* in Cash & Prizes!

Competition is open to Soloists, Duets & Trios

You may compete in BOTH competitions!  However, you may only win 1st place in 1 competition at Arts Beats & Eats.  You are still able to win on both days

*Actual Prize Breakdown Info will be available at a later date

Please send us a  Facebook message with any questions and we will be happy to help you out!


Just in case anyone lost their information handout, here is a copy for all of you! Let us know if you have any questions!

Congratulations to all of the Arts Beats & Eats - Acoustic Karaoke Finalists from Pronto! We are so excited to see you perform at Arts Beats & Eats in the Rock the Mic Competition! You Dyl Walker Miles Bond Jennifer Cole Sam Meier Jason Bowen Christopher Ross-Dybash Jessica Kobel Kristeena Boscoe Michael James Cholette Joseph Poirier Mathew Thompson Josh Mendelson David Rodney Heilig Mikey Prism Ramsey Adam Valentyn Carolina Robinson Extra Extra Duet Marc Bennett Mark Hinton Kyle Calabrese Alternates: 1.)Laura Karen 2.) Alexis Autumn Come on out and cheer for your favorite singer on Sunday from 12-2pm on the Pepsi Performance Pit Stage! Thank you to Julie McCarbery Dilworth, Danny J Genga & Bryan Brandeberryy for providing the Acoustic music! #artsbeatseats #rockthemic #artsbeatsandeats #artsbeatsandeats2017 #artsbeatseats2017 #ford #juliedacoustic

Congratulations to all of the Arts Beats & Eats Finalists from Mr. B's! We are so excited to see you perform at Arts Beats & Eats! Come on out and cheer for your favorite singer on Saturday from 12-2pm on the Pepsi Performance Pit Stage! Alena Josephina Ashley Noel Edwards & Sisters Gary Quillico Gena Moniquee Jessica Kobel Jimeka Finley Jonathon Michael FitzGerald Kyle Williams Larry Hollerway Lynn Marie Marlee Mcginnis MsKryst Shine Remington Royal Samantha Garrett Shanita Nicole Scott Synomen J Giovani Tim Stone Travis Soul-Singer Tony Trameri Rosella LoDuca ALTERNATES: 1. Richard Brown 2. MookStar Dash 3. Alexandro DeOliveira 4. Kristeena Boscoe A Big Shout Out to Gary Quillico who won the opportunity to sing with Metro Detroit's Hottest Band---THE PERSUASION BAND on Friday Night---Soaring Eagle Casino Stage at 9:45pm! Thank you to Malibu Entertainment for being our karaoke company of choice! #artsbeatseats #rockthemic #artsbeatsandeats #artsbeatsandeats2017 #artsbeatseats2017 #ford #malibuentertainment

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF OUR BAR FINALISTS AT MR. B’S!! PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS INFORMATION BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS! Many of your questions may be answered below. AFTER you have read all of this info, please “LIKE” this picture. This is how you’ll confirm you have read this and will be attending the Bar Finals. :-) Info about the Finals and a few Performance Tips: Date: Wednesday Aug. 30th Check In Time: Check in between 8:30-9:30pm – All contestants must be checked in by 9:30pm If you do not arrive on time, you run the risk of your competition spot being given to an alternate. If work does not allow for you to arrive by 9:30pm, please contact Julie directly prior to the contest date and discuss options with her. Contest Time: Approx. 9:30-1:00am. Contest Sign In: When you arrive, please check in with Julie and fill out a song slip with your name and contest song. One singer will be chosen to perform with Persuasion Band on Fri, Sep 1. during the 9:45pm show on the Soaring Eagle & Casino Stage. If you win but ARE NOT able to perform that night with the band, please write “NO PERSUASION” on your song slip. This way the judges will know you are only performing for the chance to compete at Arts Beats & Eats on Saturday Sep 2nd.. Results: Between 1:00-1:30am. All singers must stay until the end of the night for the results to be announced. Each of the winners will receive an information sheet for the Arts Beats & Eats Finals as well as a Free Entry Pass into Arts Beats & Eats. Cover/Entry Fee: None…but please remember to SUPPORT THE BAR WITH YOUR PURCHASES THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT and take care of your wait staff. The kitchen will be open until 11/11:30pm that night. Order of Performance: The rotation order is determined as a “blind draw”. Each singer will have a song slip turned face down. When a singer comes up to perform, they will first draw the next singer. Therefore each singer will have a 1 song notice that they are next. This also gives everyone a fair order determination. Alternates: Alternates are encouraged to attend! Those who sign in first are the first to be chosen IF alternates are needed. It will depend on how many of the other contestants show up and what time allows for. It will be determined no later than 10:30pm if alternates will be added into the contest. Duplicate Songs: You are allowed to sing the same song at the Bar Finals AND AB&E. Also multiple singers can sing the SAME SONG at the BAR FINALS ONLY. However, there can be no repeat songs at AB&E. Therefore if 2 people qualify at the Bar Finals with the same song, the higher scoring singer has the right of first refusal for AB&E. Profanity: There is NO PROFANITY allowed at Arts Beats & Eats. Therefore if you pick a song that has profanity, please practice and use the “clean” version for the Bar Final. This will ensure you can perform the clean version and you won’t accidentally use the words at AB&E. If you use profanity in the Bar Final, you face disqualification from the contest. Song Length: Please keep your song choice to under 5 minutes. If your song is longer than 5 minutes, your song may be faded out. Warm-Ups & Regular Karaoke: Warm-ups are not guaranteed. Only a few people MIGHT be able to sing a warm-up song depending on who signs in first. Karaoke priority before the contest may be given to customers NOT in the contest, as they will not have a chance to sing during the night. After the contest, there MIGHT be time for regular karaoke. Once again, priority will first be given to those who were not in the contest. Performance Info and Tips We will have a panel of 6-8 judges. You will be judged on your vocals (Pitch & Control, Vocal Tone and Range) AND your Stage Presence, and Overall Effect on the audience and judges. Pick a song you are comfortable with! Complete lyric memorization is not required, but pick one where you know most of the words. If you are staring at the words most of the time, you will lose points. We will be looking for a wide variety of genres, styles of singers and those who will contribute to an entertaining show at Arts Beats & Eats. We cannot have an entire show filled with ballads, so please consider doing an upbeat song! Pick a song that is a crowd pleaser! Ballads are nice and allowed, however fun/upbeat songs that get a crowd involved are often easier to score higher points in the Stage Presence Category and the Audience Interaction can affect the judges overall opinion. Be prepared to PERFORM as well as sing! WE CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Remember you are putting on a show at Arts Beats & Eats! You will need to be able to show Stage Presence and Charisma as well as Strong Vocals! If you just stand there with no presence and sing, you may not advance. Most of all…..HAVE FUN!!! This is going to be a long but very exciting night! You are going to see some fantastic singers! We can’t wait to see everyone perform! Let us know if you have any questions and good luck to everyone!

Acoustic Live Karaoke Competition!

IT'S YOUR LAST CHANCE TONIGHT!! It's the last night to qualify for the Acoustic Karaoke Competition at Pronto!! Come on out and get into the $1500 Contest and Compete to sing at Arts Beats & Eats! Pronto is located in Royal Oak at 6th & Washington! Fun starts at 9:30 and goes till Midnight!!

It's the last week to audition for the $1500 Rock The Mic Competition! This is your last chance to get into this contest to sing at Arts Beats & Eats! Remember there's 2 different ways to compete! You can compete in both competitions!! The Live Acoustic Karaoke audition is at Pronto in Royal Oak on Tues. Aug. 22nd from 9:30-Midnight. The Traditional Karaoke audition is at Mr. B's - Royal Oak on Wed. Aug 23rd. Karaoke starts at 9pm and auditions are sometime after 10pm. You may enter both competitions! So if you've already qualified in one, come on out and audition for the other! The bar finals are next week... Aug 29th and 30th. Please message us with any questions or call/text 248-632-9589

Congratulations to our Week 3 Finalists at Mr. B's! Please see the comments for the list of names. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Bar Finals on August 30th! Only 2 more chances to Qualify! Come on out! August 16th & 23rd! #ford #artsbeatsandeats #rockthemic #karaoke #mrbspub #artsbeatseats

Only 2 Chances Remain to get into the LIVE ACOUSTIC KARAOKE part of the $1500 Arts Beats Eats - Rock The Mic Singing Contest! TONIGHT!! Make your way to Pronto in Royal Oak! The show runs from 9:30-Midnight! Join Julie D & Danny G (Julie McCarbery Dilworth) (Danny J Genga) for a rockin night of Acoustic Karaoke! Never tried Acoustic Karaoke??? Check out the video for a sneak peak! #ford #artsbeatsandeats #rockthemic #karaoke #pronto #artsbeatseats

Congratulations to our Mr. B's Bar Finalists! These singers will move on to the Mr. B's Finals on Wednesday, Aug. 30th! Please see the comments for a listing of names! Information regarding the finals will be posted soon! #ford #artsbeatsandeats #rockthemic #karaoke #mrbspub #artsbeatseats

Congratulations to our Pronto Bar Finalists! These singers will move on to the Pronto Finals on Aug. 29th! Please see the comments for a listing of names! Remaining Audition Dates: Tues: Aug 8th Tues: Aug 22nd #ford #artsbeatsandeats #rockthemic #karaoke #pronto #artsbeatseats