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SPBC Marriage 2 The Max Ministry

4247 Creighton Rd, Richmond, United States
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Our vision is to build a community of marriages enriched and empowered by biblical principles. M2M offers a number of ways for you and your spouse (or soon to be spouse) to strengthen your marital bond, while maintaining God at the center.  Just to name a few, we offer small groups for couples, marriage mentoring, premarital/marital counseling, as well as enrichment events and celebrations.

Small Groups for Couples
M2M gives husbands and wives the opportunity to connect with one another as well as with other couples in very meaningful ways in the context of small group’s. There is power in coming together to share life, struggles and faith. It is through small groups that couples grow, experiencing group life where biblical truths are learned and applied to support spiritual development and mutual support.

Marriage Mentors
Transform your marriage through mentoring with another couple. Marital relationships are challenging and hard work. In spite of their best efforts, there are times when couples need other couples to help them walk through the inner workings of marriage.

M2M is committed to strengthening and enriching marriages in our church family. We have couples who have been trained to walk alongside other couples, preparing them for marriage, helping them enrich their marriage, or helping restore a marriage in crisis. Our couple-to-couple discipleship involves marriage mentors committing six months to one year to help couples navigate successfully through marriage.


Enrichment Events & Celebrations
Our busy lives often prohibit vital opportunities for married couples spending one-on-one time together to relax, refresh and minister to each other. The M2M ministry helps facilitate this crucial time with enriching activities.

By providing affordable child care, the ministry helps couples enjoy a special night out to rejuvenate and connect with their spouse. These special events allow members to join other Saint Paul’s Baptist Church couples for an evening of fun and fellowship.

Before you Jump the Broom Premarital Counseling
Our Counseling Ministry offers an exciting and interactive premarital counseling process. The goal is to provide a foundational framework upon which you can build a lifetime of happiness with your spouse.


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