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Corey Scott Personal Training Studios

3500 W 75th St, Prairie Village, United States
Outdoor, Recreation & Fitness



Personal Training Workouts- Corey Scott Personal Training has adapted thoughout the years- it is more than biceps curls, lat pulldowns, and leg extensions.  I have focused on using the entire kinetic chain of the body- utilizing stabilizers, accelerators, and decelerators- as well as challenging the neurological (balance/proprioception) system.  Powerful movements that engage two or more large muscle groups at the same time incorporate the cardiovascular system and thus; spends more calories!  One is sure to more bang for their buck! Client safety and independence are Corey's goals while making movement practical,fun & rewarding.


Smashing it.

Tim Ward killing some training today with many hard intervals like this:

Some clients just want more.

Farmer Walks work what??

Loves deadlifts!

It does pay off!

Snatch and C&J

Strongman log.

Recommended Before and After transformation