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Johanna's Raw Foods

2953 Church St, Pine Plains, United States



JRF produces 7 RAW, organic, vegan, gluten free delicious gourmet Grab'n'go products. We are based in Pine Plains and in many stores on the East Coast. CRACKERS
open the box and smell sweet onion rings and candied carrots with a whiff of orange and  Asia... but it's all done without the frying, baking or the sugar!  Crunch your cracker by itself or dip it into our Cashew Dream Cheeze or our Kale & Parsley Pesto.  Spread both on it, add a slice of tomato or cucumber and a leaf of lettuce and turn it into an open sandwich.  Serve this at your party or lunch it at your office...  However you enjoy it, your body will love the fresh, raw Omega 3's!

this is our snack-time IMMUNE BOOSTER.  A basket full of vegetables and nuts are ground into these spicy, crunchy, pop-in-your-mouth chunks of sunshine energy.  Toss them on your salad, dip them into Dream Cheeze, throw them into your lovers or your brother's mouth for fun... So satisfying, so joyful!

Kale is a local SUPERFOOD and so is parsley.  Combine these greens with the best kidney and liver cleanse: garlic, fresh lemons and virgin olive oil and you have the yummiest medicine!  Mix it into any pasta, stretch it with fresh orange juice to make a dressing, put it on your pizza or roll it in your wrap...

CASHEW DREAM CHEEZE the name suggests, dream away the heavy butter or mayo and spread Dream Cheeze instead on your sandwiches and wraps.  Stretch it with virgin flax oil and chopped up cilantro into a salad dressing or let it be your fresh Spaghetti Alfredo sauce.  Use it as your veggie dip at parties or on the road or simply enjoy it by the spoonfuls...

old school sugar sweets just can't match this! It''s the ultimate melt-in-your-mouth, guilt-free treat, like wild roses springing open and spilling sweet flavors of the fanciest vanilla, coconut and cacao all over your pallet... some say these truffles are addictive, but who cares? They deliver the lauric acids that help your thyroid, your hair, your skin, keep your candida in check, and help with your weight loss! the more the merrier – indulgence will be good for you!

“I'm your pick-me-up and keep-me-going, highest level energy bar in a brownie with a ginger twist.  Take me biking, hiking, camping, swimming or slam-dunking!” these cookies just won't let you down.  
Stick them in your coconut ice cream or serve them with your chia pudding; and definitely take them on that long drive so you don't fall asleep at the wheel... just one more, and another, and another... Ooops the box is empty; always take a spare!

turn your blues into bliss … with this fruit chocolate mousse!  This is your smooth operating, deeply satisfying, finest desert.  But hey, who says deserts can't be breakfast, too?  Use it as fudge on your fruit bowl, eat it as ice cream straight out of the freezer, plop a spoon full into your morning smoothie...
just make sure there is any left by the time you get back from the store.