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6127 W Hedgehog Pl, Phoenix, United States
Driving School



MyQuest Adventure provides vehicle based off-road events and training.   Whether you are in need of off-road driving training or an extreme adventure, MyQuest Adventure can provide events anywhere in the world.



Headed out to Plain, WA for the Northwest Overland Rally.

Vacation’s over. Time to get back to work.

Trained professionals...Kids, don’t try this at home...

I would have to agree...whole heartedly

Cleveland Auto show...why wouldn’t you head to February?

PRA...don’t hate...

More fun during Moab Adventures

Received this email the other day. Great people like this make my job awesome. Jim, What a pleasure it was to have you for two days to help us see the pros and cons of ownership in a Toyota (and how the fact that it isn’t a Range Rover… isn’t the end of the world, although the camera feature is nice). The added bonus to mark my husbands 40th birthday was the ability to take the trailer he had just built on the course. I’m sure you continue to get a laugh over us trying to take the trailer to it’s full limit. Spacers, yes, spacers will definitely be one tiny little quirk that needs to be ironed out. That definitely taught me a very good lesson… always be aware of the lines of the trailer, always. You definitely are a wealth of information and knowledge (a statement i don’t make to many), so it is always nice to just listen to people who obviously have “been-there and done-that” and can help us along the way. I am looking forward to bringing the trailer next year and having you see what changes may have been made to make it more “advanced trail” ready. We talked about it on the way home that we obviously have a few modifications to make, but were really pleased that our “freshly manufactured trailer” passed the Jim West Stamp of Approval. Again, Many thanks to help cap off a Great weekend. I owe you a beer and will make good on that. Until the next time we see you, safest travels and best adventures. I really did appreciate your kindness and patience. Warmest regards,

A great Trail Leader Training weekend with AZLRO.

Great adventure coming in Oct.

Time for leg 5 of the world tour.


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