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The Spot Fitness Studios

928 Busse Hwy, Park Ridge, United States
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We've been making our clients' fitness goals happen with top-notch training methods since 2013, and we're looking forward to continuing this journey.
At The Spot Fitness Studios, our main goal is to help you reach yours. Through our personal and group training sessions, we take a hands on approach to helping you get healthy. The first time you come to our gym, we'll complete an assessment screening to target your specific strengths and weaknesses so we can tailor every workout to your body. Our Functional Movement Certified trainers are here to help you set, reach, and surpass your fitness goals with varied and intentional workouts. This is a space of encouragement and community -- this is a space for you.


Huge shout out to all of our members and coaches for pulling together and raising funds, donating water and gently used clothing to support relief efforts of our friends and family in Peurto Rico! We were able to donate over 50 cases of water, 3 full bags of used clothing 3 boxes of diapers and baby formula! Special thanks to Yvonne C., Jasmin C., and our Miss Little Latina! for alowing us to participate in the relief efforts. #PuertoRicoRises #donationsforthepeople #helpinghand

Today is a reminder to take an active role in your health -- ask us how we can help you with your individual fitness journey.

Self-Myofascial Release is key to long-term muscle & joint recovery health. Learn how to improve your flexibility & performance with Matt!

Our biggest goal? Keep YOU motivated to reach your goals. Let's do this!!💪🏼🔥

Our Customized Group Training Programs are designed for all fitness levels. Choose to find YOUR fit today, all you have to do is BELIEVE!💪🏼

Back to school! First assignment: Establish your routine.

When you think about stopping, train harder.

Mix it up! Instead of sticking with familiar wellness habits, try a new activity every month.

Keep going until you reach your goals. Then, set new ones.

Save your cheat day for Monday. Your body will thank you later. #LaborDayWeekend

Want to train with some of Chicagoland's best of the best?? Does your current fitness routine have you feeling stuck in a rut?? Not getting the results you're seeking after putting countless hours day after day in at the gym?? This Labor Day Weekend take advantage of our new client special, join us down at "The Spot" & reignite that fire in your workouts again!!🔥 Real people, real results. With a deal this good, you'll want to bring a friend!!💪🏼 #thespot #believeinyourself #laborday #fitness #functionalmovement #strengthtraining #grouptraining #groupclasses #hiit #health #nutrition #movement #strength

Don't weight for change to happen.


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