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Welcome back Olof! Can't wait to see you back on the server for ECS finals!

Neymar did rank up :D

$200,000 for FNS' contract? Apparently not money well spent..

Swag's return to CSGO hasn't quite gone as planned... I hope a solid tier 2 team picks him up for ESL Pro League or ECS.

Somebody ping Gaben and tell him to step those CS prizes up o_O 50x the prize support compared to the Majors.

Astralis are ESL PRO LEAGUE Champions 🏆 The boys are doing very well this season 👏 #ESL

This is so true, it hurts 😂

The ECS desk is going to be stacked! Glad to see Sadokist back in action - and best of all, it won't be on Facebook.

Lots of interesting changes just hit the Beta Depot, especially the changes to Nuke - there's a new vent to use! What do you guys think?

ESL One New York 2018 - #ESL #Santana

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